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8th Sense Medically assisted  Detox retreat hosted by Longevity Magazine

8th Sense Medically assisted Detox retreat hosted by Longevity Magazine


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Welcome to the 1st 8thSense Medical Detox retreat hosted by Longevity magazine in Cape Town, Franschhoek. (17-21 March 2018)

Why do we need to detox and what is specific to the medical detox?

Our body has a natural detoxification process that should be able to detoxify all foreign toxic substances from the environment. But that is not the case in the modern world. We are constantly exposed to a low level of fat-soluble toxins that if not detoxified can interrupt many functions in the body, which if not managed can lead to diseases. At the same time, our bodies produce substances, such as hormones, that need to be detoxified. If the environmental burden is higher than our detox capacity, then disease occurs. This could be potentially severe diseases in which patients initially present with a lack of energy, frequent illnesses, pains, and aches but can develop into cancer, autoimmunity, insulin resistance, Parkinson’s, etc.

So what can be done about it? We know that it is impossible to clean and control environmental toxicity, but we can at least identify the toxins in our immediate surroundings. At the same time knowing that our detoxification process is highly dependent on specific nutrients, we can support detoxification by targeting these nutrients, and that is the essence of this medical detox. We call it the “NUTRIENT ENHANCED DETOXIFICATION PROGRAM” or NEDP.

In many people, these nutrients are depleted. In other cases, people are genetically predisposed and have insufficient detoxification enzymes, or they live in a more toxic environment (suboptimal environment). Usually, people who are genetically predisposed, surrounded by a toxic environment and are nutritionally depleted will suffer more, and thus require a personalized medical detoxification.

Example: A study was done between 2 groups of patients suffering from the same symptoms:  tiredness, headaches, immunity problems, pains, and aches, etc. One group was put on modified fasting, (similar to juicing which is what people usually do without medical supervision at home) and the second group was put on NEDP. After six months, the juicing group still had the same symptoms, and the NEDP group had clinical improvement as well as an improvement in their blood biomarkers.

The problem that many patients suffering from detoxification problems experience is that there is an absence of medical detoxification implementation by conventional medical doctors – simply due to lack of specialized training. That is why many patients attempt it alone, usually insufficiently or using other alternative methods that lack supportive research. The medical detox that we offer is personalized, using integrative medicine principles and is based on the latest publications.

If you wish to participate in this women-only medically assisted detoxification retreat, first of this kind in South Africa, please send your inquiry to retreat@…/join-our-medical-detox-retr…/