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8thSense welcomes VelaShape 3 to our family of devices

8thSense welcomes VelaShape 3 to our family of devices



8thSense welcomes VelaShape 3 to our family of devices

The VelaShape 3 is an FDA approved a device for Cellulite, Non-Surgical Body Contouring and Fat reduction using advanced software for greater reliability in results, improved comfort, and greater effectiveness.

It still uses Elōs technology, radio frequency, infrared light, mechanical rollers and vacuum system but in a way that minimises technique sensitivity and delivers precision. New “guided mode” software and advanced system design reduces operator dependency and improves consistency in results. The VelaShap 3, an Award-winning device ( AMEC Paris ), on the world aesthetic scene, is now available now to 8th Sense patients.

The VelaShape 3 is indicated for the following treatments:

–          Cellulite reduction

–          Body Contouring

–          Skin Tightening

–          Body after Baby

–          Pre and post liposuction

Cellulite, which is one of the biggest concerns for women, has been labeled as an incurable but manageable condition. It is a huge challenge in an aesthetic industry. VelaShape 3 uses a designated hand piece, sophisticated software, and standardized treatment guidance to improve a reduction in cellulite appearance. Patients notice improved skin appearance after a single session 1 and the protocol is designed to be done in 4 sessions scheduled in 2-week intervals. A recent study demonstrated a massive 62% improvement in a cellulite2  using this technology and without implementing diet, exercise, lifestyle changes, etc.

Non- surgical body contouring and fat reduction technics have become the most popular modern era procedures due to certain lifestyle challenges that are creating this stubborn condition. VelaShape 3 uses designated protocols to contour and slim down the body with zero downtime and little or no discomfort. Patient satisfaction is high as seeing the results increases their motivation to implement long-term lifestyle changes. They can easily drop 2 inches in  the abdomen and thigh in 5 weekly treatments (study reports 3). VelaShape 3 is also used for post-pregnancy re-contouring.

Ability to treat smaller areas like arms, face, and neck.

VelaShape 3 delivers high-energy radio frequency precisely with the convenience of a smaller headpiece, hence being able to treat smaller areas like arms, face, and neck to achieve satisfactory results. There is a study demonstrating, with statistical significance, sustainable reduction in circumference and improvement in skin texture and tone of arms following treatment with Velashape. 4

Why will you love VelaShape  3?:

  1. Results are fast, clinically proven and, supported with research
  2. Four short treatment sessions, 2 weeks apart – ideal for the person with limited  time
  3. Safe, no downtime and, improved comfort of the procedure
  4. Can be done on any skin type safely

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