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“FACES OF THE WORLD …… WORLD OF FACES” – Dr. Nedic reports from Paris  AMEC 2016

“FACES OF THE WORLD …… WORLD OF FACES” – Dr. Nedic reports from Paris AMEC 2016

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Dr. Nedic reports from Paris  AMEC 2016  ( Aesthetic and Anti-aging congress)

Whenever I attend this congress in Paris It always reminds me of the eagerness and enthusiasm I felt in 2004 when I attended this prestigious European Congress for the first time. Since then I have never missed one!
What differentiates this one to others in the world is exemplified in one sentence – Undeniable European chic in aesthetics and scholastically advanced anti-aging!
Mostly run by French, Italian and German doctors, this conference accentuates procedures that are subtle, sophisticated and explicitly deliver natural results. They are, according to world trends, cutting edge approaches in recent publications. This visit has also given me the opportunity to meet with many of my colleagues with whom I have been sharing knowledge for years.
Much attention in Aesthetics was paid to full face rejuvenation for different morphotypes: Middle – Eastern, Eastern-European and Baltic Morphotype, Western European, African and Asian Morphotypes. It was explained what is considered a beautiful face in each type, and techniques, that can support beautification retaining natural look.It was an imperative to keep the mother nature rules in each morphotype.”Westernization” that was transforming all morphotypes to look similar  and that was popular a few years ago, is abandoned.  Female and male appearance were discussed equally since European man are very open to many aesthetic procedures.
It was interesting to see that lots of attention was on how to achieve a desirable look that is economically viable.
This all is very applicable to the rainbow nation in South Africa including an economic aspect too.
In anti-aging, an attention-grabbing lecture was about SIRT- supplements for increasing longevity. Understanding from centenarian’s studies that low caloric intake increases longevity many studies have been done to find supplements and drugs that mimic low caloric intake. These supplements activate proteins in the body called Sirtuins that regulates living processes such as cellular death, aging, inflammation, etc.  especially protecting cells from dying when they are under substantial stress, thus increasing the life span. This lecture, supported by the most recent scientific data, was about supplements that have this property. I immediately included them in my protocols for ant-aging.
The very popular session was about rapidly evolving Vaginal rejuvenation. Several workshops were done on this topic, and many professions were involved in giving their input: plastic surgeons, aesthetic doctors, anti-aging specialists, gynecologists and dermatologists. Moving from so-called (in The USA )“O” shot method for enhancing orgasm, in this session discussion was done in depth demonstrating different techniques. They were outlined for various aging groups for a variety of vaginal and labial pathologies such as dryness, Anti-aging rejuvenation, orgasm enhancement, labial makeover, laxity problems, etc.  Different protocols were reviewed using: surgery, fillers, fat injections, PRP, Cellular matrix, Vaginal bio-identical hormones, phototherapy, etc. I was very impressed with a “French approach“ for vaginal rejuvenations which I am going to implement into my practice straightaway.
In the integrative medicine session, a micro-immunotherapy was presented for treating autoimmune conditions, that can be prescribed currently by European doctors. It was found that some commensal bacteria in the gut have huge impact in a positive immune response critical to combat autoimmunity. Some micronutrients like vitamin A and D, short chain fatty acid, etc. are important in promoting the healthy immune system that collapses with aging. , Now micro-immunotherapy, Interleukin 10 for example,  has been added to this list.
Some innovative techniques will soon be implemented post studies with positive outcomes: Botulinum toxin A use for Erectile dysfunction of vascular origin, Placental extracts combined with PDO threads for facial lifting, etc.
Instead of the latest fashion items my bag was full of samples including new PDO threads for Eye rejuvenation that are done in the form of Cannula designed to prevent bruising. Finally, on the lighter note, The Congress was attended by some unusual “participants”, a few dogs that were quietly sitting in their owner’s lap complemented the whole PARISIAN CHIC feel.