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Anti Aging & Bio-Identical Hormones

Anti Aging & Bio-Identical Hormones

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  • Anti-aging Consultation

    Our motto: “Age healthily, look youthful.

    8th Sense’s unique consultations are designed for patients that are looking for comprehensive management of their aging problems.

    Aging is an unavoidable process which affects our bodies both inside and outside. Most visible signs of aging can be successfully addressed with a wide variety of aesthetic procedures. However, to enhance the results and to make them last longer, we often need to add further “internal” medical anti-aging.*

    However, to make them last long, we often need to add medical anti-aging. In addition, age brings many unpleasant symptoms: tiredness, insomnia, loss of libido, inability to lose weight, forgetfulness, and age-related degenerative diseases such as arthritis, cardiovascular problems, osteoporosis, higher predisposition for cancer etc. Many aging individuals surrender and operate on different chronic medications. This is not the correct approach.

    Desperate patients opt for self medication; they take a variety of supplements and vitamins whilst not truly understanding the effects that these supplements can have. By doing this they could be spending money on over-the-counter vitamins which their body may not even need or benefit from.

    Anti-Aging is Becoming a Necessity in a Modern Society

    Our belief: “Fifties are the new thirties”

    Besides the desire to be healthy, in order to function in a highly demanding modern society; a well-groomed individual is more easily accepted in all contemporary association structures. Furthermore, in today’s stressful environment many young individuals experience symptoms and signs of premature aging and are consequently in need of anti-aging consultations. This type of consultation is categorized as and integrative medicine consultation. In fact, it does not matter how old you are. If you suffer from fatigue, insomnia, loss of libido and are unable to lose weight, we will use the following methods to find out what is wrong:

    • Personalized medical check-up
    • Biomarker signature check-up
    • DNA testing


    We offer this unique approach to every patient:

    • Aesthetic makeovers – Externally treating signs of aging
    • Anti aging medicine – Preventing age-related diseases with internally enhancing aesthetic procedures
    • Integrative medicine approach for younger patients experiencing premature aging or symptoms of stress related problems and environmental influences


    Anti-aging treatments often include prescriptions of personalized supplements, personalized nutrition plans and bio-identical replacement therapies tailored to each patient’s needs. In addition to this, lifestyle changes according to a person’s specific DNA makeup and personalized exercise programs will be recommended. These can help to:

    • Decrease Menopausal and Andropausal symptoms*
    • Enhance quality of life*
    • Prevent age-related and degenerative diseases (Cognition decrease, CVS, Osteoporosis, Arthritis, Lipids problems etc.)*
    • Improve skin, posture and overall appearance*

    All treatments are scientifically supported and are based on extensive medical research. References from different medical associations are available on request. Individual results will vary, naturally.

    Book a Consultation

    To enhance your aesthetic treatments and for personalized prevention for age-related diseases, book our anti-aging consultation with Dr. Nedic on 011 884 6418 or email 8th Sense. Dr. Nedic is an Anti-Aging diplomat and board-certified physician of WOSAAM. See credentials and qualifications.

  • DNA Testing


    We are all born with specific DNA make-up that never changes. However certain environmental factors and diet can influence DNA sequences expression in some individuals in a negative or positive way. For example, siblings can eat the same food and one can become diabetic or overweight when the other may not. There is a great variation in the presence of low penetrance mutations (SNPs) in humans. These mutations in some individuals cause degenerative diseases, premature aging, obesity, cancer, diabetes etc. under the influence of environmental toxicity and other nutritional and lifestyle factors. To put it simply: we are “products of our DNa-environment and the food we eat and the toxins we absorb talk directly to our DNA all day long.”ABy identifying each individual’s DNA make–up with DNA testing, we can recognize which lifestyle and nutritional changes a person needs to apply in order to prevent detrimental diseases. This is what we call Personalized Prevention..*

    There are two types of DNA testing techniques – Predictive and Preventive.

    Predictive DNA Testing

    • Used to detect mutations associated with disorders that appear after birth, often later in life.
    • Identify mutations that could increase a person’s risk of developing disorders based on their DNA makeup, such as certain types of cancer.


    Preventive DNA Testing

    • Used to identify certain  mutations (single nucleotide polymorphism or SNPs) which are expressed in an unfavorable lifestyle environment.*
    • SNP intervention is used to successfully treat these mutations with lifestyle changes, proper nutrition, and phytonutrients supplementation.*
    • Modern  medicine sed on personalized prevention. Although usually used to stop the development of age-related degenerative diseases, prevention is recommended for young and old, and it is never too early to start.*



    Dr. Sly Nedic is an anti-aging diplomat (board certified by WOSAAM) and is on the advisory board for DNA Testing at Laboratory Reunis Luxembourg. She provides DNA counseling and personalised lifestyle changes in a scheduled consultation both locally or overseas, with the possibility of a Skype consultation.


     DNA Tests Available:

    • WEIGHT and risk assessment for OBESITY
    • INSULIN resistance and DIABETES TYPE 2
    • Sporadic BREAST cancer and ESTROGEN metabolism
    • COLON cancer
    • Risk assessment PROSTATE cancer
    • Risk assessment for HEART ATTACK
    • Risk assessment for Female HORMONE replacement therapy
    • Risk assessment for OSTEOPOROSIS
    • ANDROGENIC ALOPECIA (male hair loss)
    • SKIN health & DENTAL health (periodontitis)
    • NICOTINE addiction
    • WELL-BEING test (Testing 90 SNPs including Neurotransmitters, Inflammations mediators, Stress, Coagulation, Anabolism & Catabolism, etc.)
    • CROHN’S disease
    • AUTISM

    If there is a family history or you think you are prone to any of the diseases or cancers that are not listed, please contact us on 011 884 6418 or email 8th Sense for further assistance.

  • Bio-identical Hormone Replacement

    “You are as old as your oldest organ in the body”

    The average life expectancy is increasing world-wide and there is an ongoing demand for using anti-aging tools to keep body and mind as young as possible. The aging population is still highly active both professionally and physically and are looking to feel more energetic and illness free. Due to this, more research is being done on the effects of aging and hormone declines and nowadays we have advanced methods to minimize the effects of aging.

    Menopause and Andropause

    Hormonal aging is a gradual decline in hormone production that eventually results in hormone deficiency. This deficiency often brings along with it unpleasant symptoms such as fatigue, insomnia, loss of libido, mood swings, depression and even degenerative diseases like cardiovascular, osteoporosis, dementia etc. Some of these symptoms can be very debilitating and can psychologically affect an individual – i.e. impotence in men or hot flushes in females. HRT addresses these symptoms and it can also prevent age-related degenerative diseases and restore optimal hormone levels.*

    Conventional vs. Individualized Hormone Replacement Therapy

    Conventional HRT consists of the use of standard doses of commercially available synthetic hormones without considering each person’s individual hormone profile. In recent years, research such as the Women’s Health Initiative Study has linked synthetic hormones to an increased risk of heart disease and breast cancer. In addition to this research, many doctors and patients have abandoned this “one-size-fits-all” approach to HRT.

    An individualized approach to HRT is called Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT). It pinpoints a person’s exact hormone levels and which hormones in particular need to balance their hormone deficiency. Studies show that BHRT in physiological doses (the equivalent to what your body is used to making) produces significantly fewer negative side effects than synthetic hormones. In addition, gel applications of many of these hormones help with circumventing liver detoxification pathways, leading to a safer hormone metabolism. Dr. Nedic’s approach is to replace hormones using compounding bioidentical hormones tailored to each person’s needs but never to a degree to jeopardize a patient’s health. That is why each case will be precisely checked to establish whether the danger of giving a hormone outweighs the benefit. Dr. Nedic will use DNA tests to establish how each person metabolizes hormones (especially estrogen) in order to exclude possible predisposition for sporadic breast cancer; and to institute, through hormone ratios, the safest possible formula for each patient. Prior to starting BHRT each patient will receive a detailed explanation and DNA counseling.*

    Hormones work in a synergetic way, which is the reason for replacing all the hormones that are not present in an aging body. For example sex hormones such as estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, Thyroid, Growth hormone etc.

    By using a combination of integrative medical approaches, science-based medicine, metabolomics and proteomics, 8th Sense delivers a personalised anti-aging treatment to each patient both male and female.*

    Contact us for further assistance on 011 884 6418 or email 8th Sense.

  • Weight Loss & Personalised Nutrition

    Every year there is a new diet in a circuit, which often works for some individuals but not for others. Furthermore, obesity, insulin resistance and the inability to lose stubborn fat have reached epidemic proportions worldwide and in South Africa. Many individuals complain that they can not lose weight despite caloric and carbohydrate restrictions and dedicated exercise.

    What can be a reason for this inability to lose stubborn fat?

    1. Hormonal problems: hypothyroidism, altered Cortisol level due to ongoing stress, Estrogen dominance, low Testosterone, low Growth hormone etc.
    2. Environmental toxicity functioning as endocrine disruptors in which case bodies’ detoxification capacity is decreased leading to Insulin resistance
    3. A situation in which an individual is overwhelming metabolic pathways with too much sugar – usually hidden or not perceived as too much carbohydrate.
    4. Underlying medical problems as a leaky gut syndrome, Cushing disease, Depression etc.
    5.  Hereditary predisposition: a presence of FAT variants leading to for example Leptin resistance, mutations for Insulin resistance and Diabetes type 2, SNPs ed in an inability to metabolise saturated fat (in which case high-fat diet will not work),  involved in high inflammation etc.

    In a very simplified way, individuals with an “apple-shaped” body (stubborn tummy fat) have a high incidence of Insulin resistance, Diabetes type 2 and low testosterone. Additionally, those with a “pear shaped” body suffer from detoxification problems and Estrogen dominance. Generalized obesity is usually more prominent in individuals who have Leptin resistance and Fat SNPs. However, in order to categorically uncover the underlying condition, patients need medical screening, DNA testing and thorough personal Q&A about diet, nutrition and lifestyle habits.

    Personalised Diet

    8th Sense offers personalised nutrition for long term weight loss and reversal of Insulin resistance. The client will be informed about unique  DNA make-ups that can create risks with certain environmental factors. Blood testing results, lifestyle choices and environmental influence will be considered and used to create a tailor-made solution for each individual patient.*

    Contact us for further assistance on 011 884 6418 or email 8th Sense .

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*Disclaimer: Treatment results will vary on a patient to patient basis. No guarantees can be made