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Beauty Divine by Dr. Nedic

Beauty Divine by Dr. Nedic


Dr. Nedic reports on the new facial rejuvenation treatment called Md Codes…

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 MD CODES TM  – A revolutionary treatment for facial beautification and youthfulness with dermal fillers


The time had passed when aesthetic doctors used dermal fillers filling up visible lines, wrinkles, and folds on the face in a one-dimensional manner.

Over time we have been striving to educate patients on new methods of using dermal fillers.  We have moved (for years now) into more advanced facial recontouring and 3D facial rejuvenation by treating not just lines and wrinkles but shadows on the face as well.  Much was left to the artistic skills of an aesthetic doctor to try to beautify the face while recontouring and making a face more youthful.  The objective then and now is still to keep a natural look as much as possible.  It is the most frequent request in the majority of patients all over the world and certainly in the South African market.

As fillers are continuously evolving, aesthetic doctors are also searching for the most advanced techniques to improve facial features, youthful appearance and maintain safety.

This year for the first time MD CODES TM  was launched for facial rejuvenation, recontouring and beautification.


MD CODES TM  is based on an understanding that beauty has a universal, mathematical component to be perceived as such.  It is a fact that facial beauty is based on divine proportions.The head forms a golden rectangle with the eyes at its meeting point, the mouth and nose are each placed at golden sections of the distance between the eyes and the bottom of the chin, and the beauty unfolds as you look further into these proportions.  If these ratios are present everyone sees it as BEAUTY!

All beautiful faces regardless of race, age, sex, and other variables confirm to the divine proportions.

If we just look at the ideal height and width of the face: the distance between the two cheeks are 1, and ideal height is 1.618.  (This is known as phi or divine  proportions).  This has even been used in Leonardo Da Vinci illustrations.Golden proportions are teaching us that beauty is timeless!The face that was voted the most beautiful face by 10,000 website voters has, in fact, the same divine proportions as Nefertiti from 1350BC.  Over the centuries what people perceived as beauty has remained constant.  In aesthetics, while we are doing facial makeovers we follow the golden rule of creating the face as close as it can be to the divine proportions.

By applying MD CODES TM an aesthetic practitioner always successfully delivers a look closest to divine proportions even if he does not have any artistic skills. We must agree that not all doctors in the aesthetic field have this ability.  However, by using MD CODES TM  advanced technique, the outcome will always be at the standard of the desired beautification.


Invented by Dr. Mauritio de Mayo, a plastic surgeon from Brasil and a pioneer in aesthetic makeovers (whose teaching I have been following since I first met him in Paris 10 years ago) these MD CODES TM are designed to deliver precise results using dermal fillers.  This method is the best recipe for a successful outcome.

The face can be divided into distinct anatomical sections, and each section correlates and affects other sections.  These MD CODES TM are predefined injection sites within each anatomical section, carefully studied to deliver golden proportions, allowing the aesthetic doctor to be more precise in delivering beautification results. The techniques are reserved for experienced injectors as understanding facial proportions and mathematical ratios are still a prerequisite for successful results.  This does not mean your face will change and look unnatural; it is actually the opposite. MD CODES TM can deliver a natural look -the best version of yourself.

In fact, old-fashioned techniques when the filler is just applied to visible lines and wrinkles is mainly responsible for an unnatural look.  How many patients we still see with duck lips, jokers face, and a disproportional face with a frozen look on the upper face and sagging look on the lower part of the face?

Additionally MD CODES TM contain information about safety in injecting dermal fillers pointing out anatomically dangerous areas like blood vessels and nerves which should be avoided.  MD CODES TM takes into consideration the quality of the product (dermal filler), and they are designed to be used with Vycross technology fillers.(Allergan. Inc.)

MD CODES TM explained:

Consulting and explaining about MD CODES TM for facial rejuvenation and beautification takes time.  For example for the patient who has prominent nasolabial folds, it will be explained that by adding volume on the mid-cheek area nasolabial lines will be diminished.  In fact adding volume in the cheek area will be done in a specific manner using MD CODES TM as predefined injection sites to enhance golden proportions.This will also create a desirable lift of the jowls known as: 8- point lift.

An MD CODES TM makeover looks so beautiful but still natural (in fact no one can point out what is it)  that your friends will have a simple request:  I want the same!