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Body Reshaping

Body Reshaping

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  • Cellulite

    Getting rid of cellulite’s “orange peel” thighs is one of the biggest battles that concern overweight people. “But hang on”, you say – “I’m thin. So why do I have cellulite?” Well, there is a high probability that you are leading a generally sedentary lifestyle and may not exercise regularly. Your body might also be hereditarily predisposed to develop cellulite. There are a number of ways that cellulite can form. It’s much more complex than just being overweight.

    8th Sense has many years of experience in this field and the knowledge of the latest medical cellulite research. All cellulite removal modalities will be considered in order to achieve best results.

    What is Cellulite?

    In order to get rid of cellulite, it may be useful to know what it is and what causes it.

    • Cellulite is normal and harmless
    • It is a result of uneven fatty deposits that usually occur below the waist
    • Cellulite is characterised by dimpled skin appearance
    • Occurs due to structural changes that take place underneath the skin
    • As many as 95% of women over 30 develop cellulite in some form
    • One of the risk factors is sensitivity to estrogen which causes collagen breakdown
    • Excess progesterone can weaken the veins causing water retention and weight gain

    Causes & Symptoms of Cellulite

    Cellulite is mostly predetermined by hereditary factors. However, environmental and behavioral factors can play an important role.

    • Overweight body – Even though cellulite also appears on thin individuals, excess weight can make cellulite worse.
    • Pregnancy – Cellulite can get worse with each successive pregnancy. Some of the most effective ways for women to get rid of cellulite and body fat and get back to pre-pregnancy shape are breastfeeding, exercise and VelaShape treatments.*
    • Aging – As women age, collagen breaks down and the skin starts to sag. The body uses less energy which leads to further fat accumulation.
    • Poor blood circulation – Collagen fibers are damaged due to the lack of oxygen and the accumulation of toxic wastes. The fibers shrink and thicken, resulting in a quilted appearance of the fat chambers. Oxygen is needed to burn fat for energy and the fat in these poorly oxygenated areas is the last to be used. This is one of the main obstacles to effective cellulite elimination. Poor blood circulation is often caused by sedentary lifestyle, smoking, and high caffeine consumption.
    • Poor lymph drainage – The lymphatic system filters out and carries away cellular wastes and toxins. If it is impaired, toxic products accumulate and inflate these fat cells, causing cellulite.
    • Lack of exercise – Cellulite may be caused by impaired blood circulation and poor muscle tone underneath the skin, which are caused by a sedentary lifestyle.
    • Food allergy – Food allergy can cause a variety of symptoms including food craving, weight gain, bloating and water retention.
    • Highly processed foods that contain preservatives, artificial sweeteners, and other additives. Heavy consumption of processed foods can cause a buildup of certain toxins in the body.
    • Yo-yo dieting – Women tend to lose fat in the upper body while increasing fat deposits in the buttocks, thighs, and hips. Cellulite problems can easily become worse than they were before dieting.
    • Sun exposure – Prolonged exposure to the sun accelerates skin aging and causes collagen breakdown which holds cellulite chambers.

    8th Sense Approach

    8th Sense provides a holistic multifactor approach to the cellulite problem. The full spectrum of causes is examined before proceeding with the best possible treatment.*

    Our methods of treatment are:

    • VelaShape – For post-pregnancy shaping, cellulite reduction for individuals who are overweight and for individuals with circulatory problems.*
    • Mesotherapy – To diminish the appearance of cellulite. Especially effective in younger patients.*
    • Tripollar – Radiofrequency for flaccid cellulite and cellulite in thinner individuals. Markedly effective in certain areas such as arms.*
    • Hormonal check-up in our anti-aging and integrative medicine clinic.*
    • Identification of other problems such as hereditary  factors, diet, circulatory problems, and allergies. Appropriate medical and supplemental treatments can be recommended.*
    • Cavitation (Cavix) – Fully painless and effective treatment for body reshaping.*

  • Sagging Body Skin

    Why Do I Have Sagging Body Skin?

    A Large amount of weight loss, age, stress and sun exposure are some of the main reasons why the skin on our bodies becomes loose and saggy. Breaking down of collagen and elastin causes the skin to lose its structure and elasticity. It is not only overweight individuals who suffer from this problem. Even those who are at their ideal weight might need skin tightening treatment. Patients aged 40+ are especially prone to exhibit these skin aging symptoms. 8th Sense recognizes the essential role of our youth hormones like estrogen and growth hormone in keeping good skin tone. All our patients will be addressed holistically. The integrative medical approach will be used in addition to the particular physical treatment.*

    Commonly treated areas are:

    • Arms
    • Tummy
    • Inner thighs
    • Neck
    • Buttocks
    • Knees

    Treatments for Sagging Body Skin

    Body Shaping by Thermage

    The Thermage 16.0 tip is designed specifically for body sculpting and skin laxity. This latest tip delivers its tightening effect more deeply into the skin, tightening existing collagen and eliminating unwanted superficial fat.*

    It is a completely non-invasive procedure. It firms and shapes in just one treatment with long-lasting results. South African women show their arms, thighs and bodies more often than other women due to the sunny weather. Thermage 16.0 body treatment is designed to deliver that toned, smooth, youthful look.*

    More about Body by Thermage


    Clinically proven to regenerate collagen, TriPollar will tone your skin and improve skin textures in all skin types and all areas of the body. It is the first and only skin tightening and cellulite reduction system powered by Tri-pollar RF Technology for medical and aesthetic markets.*

    TriPollar painlessly smoothes and tightens skin. Results are usually seen after only one treatment. It “melts’ fat” and tightens collagen. This treatment is very effective for creating smooth, lean and firm thighs, buttocks, arms, and tummy.*

    More about TriPollar


    Titan is the first light-based solution for sagging skin. Marked skin laxity improvement is often noticeable after the very first treatment. This skin rejuvenating treatment not only produces a tightening effect but also helps to prevent future skin aging. It is suitable for any skin type.*

    More about Titan


    It is a fully FDA cleared treatment for cellulite. VelaShape provides tightening of the collagen that contains loose cellulite pockets. Resulting firmer, sculpted thighs are even visible in aging patients.*

    More about VelaShape

    These non-surgical procedures are the latest skin tightening and skin rejuvenating treatments available for this particular condition. 8th Sense is dedicated to bringing the latest anti-aging technology and research to ensure long-term results for its clients.*

  • Stubborn Fat

    You went on the latest low-fat diet, signed up for gym membership, started running, done sit-ups and stomach crunches – All with insufficient improvement. That roll of stubborn fat around your belly just won’t budge. It can be really frustrating when you’ve tried almost everything to get rid of stubborn fat. You know that beyond that plateau lies jubilation and triumph, and yet your body continues to ignore you and your quest for health and beauty.

    Areas Where Stubborn Fat Just Won’t Budge

    For many of us, belly fat must be one of the most difficult areas to tone-up and slim-down. Not anymore. Our treatments are specifically designed to treat:

    • Belly fat*
    • Love handles*
    • Bra bulge*
    • Saddlebags*
    • Double chin*

    Top Recommended Treatments for Stubborn Fat

    8th Sense signature approach to treatments requires a combination of external and internal methods:

    • External methods used are Cavitation and Lipolysis
    • Internal methods enhance body detoxification capacity and provide identification and treatment of underlying problems. This includes insulin resistance, high cortisol levels, and thyroid problems


    We will use a completely holistic approach for every individual patient. Dr. Nedic is a board certified member of WOSAAM (World Organization Society of Anti-Aging) and French-trained expert Mesotherapist. She will make sure that your treatment is addressed scientifically. We will find out the real cause for your body fat accumulation* – Whether it is coming from overconsumption of high GL-content food, non-organic food, Insulin resistance or having a specific DNA profile.

    Cavitation Treatment

    The latest technology for body reshaping, Cavitation is a painless, safe and effective method for destroying adipose fat cells in localized areas. The results are often significant. Cavitation method uses ultrasound waves that produce alternating compression and decompression of fat cells, causing them to burst. Afterwards, your body’s natural drainage mechanism eliminates melted fat.*

    More about Cavitation

    Lipolysis Treatment

    Lipolysis is a method for dissolving small to medium unwanted localized fatty areas that are often not affected by diet or exercise. Lipolysis treatments are the most cost-effective, non-surgical, aesthetic fat-reducing treatments currently available. Small injections containing natural medicines are administered locally to dissolve fat.*

    More about Lipolysis

    VelaShape Treatment

    VelaShape contours, shapes, and slims the body by delivering heat and a combination of infrared and radio-frequency waves that precisely target fatty tissue. In addition, a vacuum evens out the skin to reveal smoother and tighter figure.* Significant fat reduction results can be seen in as little as four sessions. The treatment causes no downtime and no significant discomfort.*

    More about VelaShape


    Tripollar is designed to painlessly smooth and tighten your skin. Results are often visible after only one treatment. Simultaneous “fat melting” and collagen tightening work in tandem to boost results. This particular treatment is effective in creating smooth, lean and firm thighs, buttocks, arms, and tummy.*

    More about Tripollar

    A New Approach by 8th Sense

    8th Sense is using a multifaceted, comprehensive approach to their treatments. It is based on true understanding of the causes and cures for stubborn fat.

    The toxic build-up in the body from environmental pollutants can be responsible for swollen tummy and for your body’s inability to burn excess fat. By eliminating exposure to these pollutants, keeping our digestion, stress levels, and detoxification pathways balanced we can greatly improve our health and minimise stubborn fat.

    Aesthetic non-surgical methods will have limited effect if a patient does not decrease their toxic load from environmental pollutants. Liver detoxification, healthy gut, and stress levels are essential for long-term results. We can check individual blood biomarkers and perform DNA testing in order to identify sensitivity to certain toxins. Personalised treatment will be prescribed for stubborn fat removal in conjunction with the most suitable aesthetic procedure. In addition, we will medically assess possible underlying problems like insulin resistance or thyroid issues and tailor our approach accordingly. These are the same principles we apply to the treatment of cellulite. A holistic approach to treating stubborn fat and cellulite from inside-out becomes a necessity for real long-lasting results.*

  • Post Pregnancy

    You’ve given birth to a bouncing baby who’s a bundle of joy. Your pregnancy term is over… so who wants to look pregnant anymore? Post-pregnancy belly can have a tendency of hanging around for a while. It took nine months to expand, and it will take some time and hard work to reduce. But motherhood is a full-time job and can eat into any “me” time that you had before. Exercise is one of the things that easily falls by the wayside when a new baby takes centre stage.

    Recommended Treatments for Post Pregnancy Tummy


    VelaShape contours, shapes, and slims the body by delivering heat combined with infrared and radiofrequency waves. It will precisely target the fatty tissue formed during pregnancy. In addition, a vacuum evens out the skin to reveal a smoother and tighter figure. Marked results can be seen in as little as four sessions with no downtime or significant discomfort. The patient can lose up to 7 cm in diameter. VelaShape treatment normally takes 45 min. There are no contraindications for this procedure including breastfeeding and the usual doctor’s recommendation is to start VelaShape treatments four weeks after delivery.*

    More about VelaShape

    Body Shaping by Thermage

    The Thermage 16.0 tip is designed specifically for body sculpting, skin tightening and for diminishing of post-pregnancy stretch marks. This latest tip delivers its tightening effect more deeply into the skin, tightening existing collagen and eliminating unwanted superficial fat. It is a non-invasive treatment designed for effective firming and shaping.*

    More about Body by Thermage

  • Stretch Marks

    You’ve finally achieved that shapely body and are basking in self-admiration as you saunter around in figure hugging threads. So what’s stopping you from buying that cute bikini? Is it those silvery-white lines on your thighs and belly? Stretch marks can be a real confidence killer when it comes to spending time on the beach. But take heart, 8th Sense has the answers.

    What are Stretch Marks?

    Stretch marks are caused by tearing of the dermis. The usual result of rapid weight gain or growth such as adolescent growth spurts, pregnancy or muscle building.

    Stretch Marks Removal

    Stretch marks are a purely cosmetic problem and pose no health risk. They do, however, have an impact on your holiday plans at the beach. There are many creams and oils on the market that promise stretch mark elimination results. Many of them will, eventually, with a strict regimen, show results over time.*

    If you prefer faster results, without using surgery, 8th Sense will assess your personal profile and recommend the best treatment or treatment combination for maximum stretch mark removal. Contact 8th Sense today on 011 884 6418 or email 8th Sense for a consultation.*

    Top Recommended Stretch Marks Treatments


    Remove Stretch Marks With Mesotherapy

    Mesotherapy is the practice of using microinjections of conventional or homeopathic medication and/or vitamins into the mesoderm or middle layer of the skin to deliver healing or corrective treatment to a specific area of the body. We use a proven combination of Mesotherapy cocktails from Paris.*

    More about Mesotherapy


    Clinically proven to regenerate collagen, TriPollar will provide skin toning and improve the texture of all skin types and all areas of the body. It is the first and only skin tightening and cellulite reduction system powered by Tri-Pollar RF (Radio Frequency) Technology for medical and aesthetic markets.*

    More about Tripollar


    The principal function of skin needling is to stimulate body’s own production of collagen. It involves using a sterile roller comprised of a series of fine, sharp needles to puncture the skin. Performed under local anesthetic, the device is “rolled” over the surface of the face. Resulting microscopic channels, created deep within the dermis of the skin, stimulate your own body to produce new collagen.*

    More about Dermaroller

  • Total Hand Rejuvenation

    You cleanse, exfoliate, tone and moisturize your face religiously and regularly. For this, you are rewarded with a youthful glow and healthy looking skin on your face. But where are your hands? Why are you hiding them? Hands need care and attention too, but since they are such hard-working appendages, they tend to take an extra knock in the beauty department as we age.

    Minimal Invasive Techniques for Aging Hands

    8th Sense has designed a protocol using minimally invasive techniques to tighten crepey-like skin and to:

    • Reduce the appearance of age spots*
    • Diminish dryness and wrinkles*
    • Camouflage prominent, torturous veins on the backs of hands*


    The following hand rejuvenation techniques can be undertaken individually or in combination:

    “Hands By Thermage” – Tightens Crepey-Like Skin

    Latest Thermage technology makes it possible to tighten and thicken delicate, crepe-like skin that develops on the hands over time. In most cases, a single treatment session will significantly restore smoothness and rejuvenate hands for long-lasting results*. Thermage treatment can be used independently or in combination with Titan.

    More about Thermage

    Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) – Fades “Age Spots”

    IPL therapy is used to fade the dark spots that form on the arms and hands due to sun exposure. This quick, painless procedure involves exposing the skin to flashes of bright laser light. This laser targets dark pigmented spots while leaving normally pigmented skin untouched. Minimal to no downtime is involved. Best results are usually achieved after 2-3 treatments.*

    More about IPL

    Cryo-Meso Peel – Hand Rejuvenation

    A gentle, painless treatment which combines:*

    • Cryotherapy for smoother skin appearance and pigmented spots removal*
    • Mesotherapy for supplying fibroblast cells with vitamins and increasing collagen production*
    • Glycolic peel for skin rejuvenation*


    Dermal Fillers – Lessen The Appearance Of Hand Veins

    The veins on the back of our hands appear more prominent as we get older. Basically, our skin becomes thinner due to collagen loss. In addition, our hands become thinner and the resulting bone prominence causes them to look less attractive. We use natural dermal fillers to add volume to the skin and to promote new collagen formation, giving instant results that last.*

    More about Fillers


*Disclaimer: Treatment results will vary on a patient to patient basis. No guarantees can be made