Getting rid of cellulite’s “orange peel” thighs is one of the biggest battles that concern overweight people. “But hang on”, you say – “I’m thin. So why do I have cellulite?” Well, there is a high probability that you are leading a generally sedentary lifestyle and may not exercise regularly. You body might also be genetically predisposed to develop cellulite. There are a number of ways that cellulite can form. It’s much more complex than just being overweight.

8th Sense has many years of experience in this field and the knowledge of the latest medical cellulite research. All cellulite removal modalities will be considered in order to achieve best results.

What is Cellulite?

In order to get rid of cellulite, it may be useful to know what it is and what causes it.

  • Cellulite is normal and harmless
  • It is a result of uneven fatty deposits that usually occur below the waist
  • Cellulite is characterised by dimpled skin appearance
  • Occurs due to structural changes that take place underneath the skin
  • As many as 95% of women over 30 develop cellulite in some form
  • One of the risk factors is sensitivity to estrogen which causes collagen breakdown
  • Excess progesterone can weaken the veins causing water retention and weight gain

Causes & Symptoms of Cellulite

Cellulite is mostly predetermined by the genes. However, environmental and behavioral factors can play an important role.

  • Overweight body – Even though cellulite also appears on thin individuals, excess weight can make cellulite worse.
  • Pregnancy – Cellulite can get worse with each successive pregnancy.
  • Some of the most effective ways for women to get rid of cellulite and body fat and get back to pre-pregnancy shape are breastfeeding, exercise and VelaShape treatments.*
  • Aging – As women age, collagen breaks down and the skin starts to sag. The body uses less energy which leads to further fat accumulation.
  • Poor blood circulation – Collagen fibers are damaged due to the lack of oxygen and the accumulation of toxic wastes. The fibers shrink and thicken, resulting in a quilted appearance of the fat chambers. Oxygen is needed to burn fat for energy and the fat in these poorly oxygenated areas is the last to be used. This is one of the main obstacles to effective cellulite elimination. Poor blood circulation is often caused by sedentary lifestyle, smoking, and high caffeine consumption.
  • Poor lymph drainage – The lymphatic system filters out and carries away cellular wastes and toxins. If it is impaired, toxic products accumulate and inflate these fat cells, causing cellulite.
  • Lack of exercise – Cellulite may be caused by impaired blood circulation and poor muscle tone underneath the skin, which are caused by sedentary lifestyle.
  • Food allergy – Food allergy can cause a variety of symptoms including food craving, weight gain, bloating and water retention.
  • Highly processed foods that contain preservatives, artificial sweeteners, and other additives. Heavy consumption of processed foods can cause a buildup of certain toxins in the body.
  • Yo-yo dieting – Women tend to lose fat in the upper body while increasing fat deposits in the buttocks, thighs, and hips. Cellulite problems can easily become worse than they were before dieting.
  • Sun exposure – Prolonged exposure to the sun accelerates skin aging and causes collagen breakdown which holds cellulite chambers.

8th Sense Approach

8th Sense provides a holistic multifactor approach to the cellulite problem. The full spectrum of causes is examined before proceeding with the best possible treatment.*

Our methods of treatment are:

  • VelaShape – For post-pregnancy shaping, cellulite reduction for individuals who are overweight and for individuals with circulatory problems.*
  • Mesotherapy – To diminish the appearance of cellulite. Especially effective in younger patients.*
  • Tripollar – Radiofrequency for flaccid cellulite and cellulite in thinner individuals. Markedly effective in certain areas such as arms.*
  • Hormonal check-up in our anti-aging and integrative medicine clinic.*
  • Identification of other problems such as genetic factors, diet, circulatory problems and allergies. Appropriate medical and supplemental treatments can be recommended.*
  • Cavitation (Cavix) – Fully painless and effective treatment for body reshaping.*

*Disclaimer: Treatment results will vary on a patient to patient basis. No guarantees can be made.