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DNA Analysis and Personalised lifestyle interventions

DNA Analysis and Personalised lifestyle interventions

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  •  DNA Testing

    There are two types of  DNA testing techniques – Predictive and Preventive.

    Predictive DNA Testing

    • Used to detect mutations associated with disorders that appear after birth, often later in life.
    • Identify mutations that could increase a person’s risk of developing disorders based on their inherited “makeup”, such as certain types of cancer.

    Preventive DNA Testing

    • Used to identify certain mutations (single nucleotide polymorphism or SNPs) which are expressed in an unfavorable lifestyle environment.
    • SNP intervention is used to successfully treat these mutations with lifestyle changes, proper nutrition and vitamin, and mineral supplementation.
    • Modern DNA testing is based on personalized prevention. Although usually used to stop the development of age-related degenerative diseases, prevention is recommended for young and old, and it is never too early to start.


    Dr. Sly Nedic (board certified by WOSAAM) uses a holistic approach in preventing age-related degenerative diseases. DNA testing plays a crucial role in this process. By testing your DNA, we know what to change in your environment and diet to prevent you from developing certain diseases, whether they are age-related or not. We call it personalized prevention.

     DNA Tests Available:

    • Sporadic BREAST cancer & COLON cancer
    • Risk assessment of PROSTATE cancer
    • Risk assessment for HEART ATTACK
    • Risk assessment for Female HORMONE replacement
    • Risk assessment for OSTEOPOROSIS
    • ANDROGENIC ALOPECIA (male hair loss)
    • SKIN health & DENTAL health (periodontitis)
    • NICOTINE addiction
    • WELL-BEING test (Testing 90 SNPs including Neurotransmitters, Inflammations mediators, Stress, Coagulation, Anabolism & Catabolism, etc.)
    • CROHN’S  disease
    • AUTISM


    If there is a family history or you think you are prone to any of the diseases or cancers that are not listed, please contact us on 011 884 6418 or email 8th Sense for further assistance.

  • Weight loss & Personalized Nutrition

    Every year there is a new diet in the circuit, which often works for some individuals but not for others. Furthermore, obesity, insulin resistance and the inability to lose stubborn fat has reached epidemic proportions worldwide and in South Africa. Many individuals complain that they can not lose weight despite caloric and carbohydrate restrictions and dedicated exercise.

    What can be a reason for this inability to lose stubborn fat?

    1. Hormonal problems: hypothyroidism, altered Cortisol level due to ongoing stress, Estrogen dominance, low Testosterone, low Growth hormone etc.
    2. Environmental toxicity functioning as endocrine disruptors in which case bodies’ detoxification capacity is decreased leading to Insulin resistance
    3. The situation in which the individual is overwhelming metabolic pathways with too much sugar –usually hidden or not perceived as too much carbohydrate.
    4. Underlying medical problems as leaky gut syndrome, Cushing disease, Depression, etc.
    5. Hereditary predisposition: the presence of FAT  SNPs leading to for example Leptin resistance or,  mutations for Insulin resistance and Diabetes type 2,  SNPs involved in the inability to metabolize saturated fat ( in which case high-fat diet will not work ),  involved in high inflammation, etc.


    In a very simplified way, individuals with an “apple-shaped” body (stubborn tummy fat) have a high incidence of Insulin resistance, Diabetes type 2 and low testosterone. Additionally, those with a “pear-shaped” body suffer from detoxification problems and Estrogen dominance. Generalized obesity is usually more prominent in individuals who have Leptin resistance. However, in order to categorically uncover the underlying condition, patients need biomarkers’ screening, DNA  testing and thorough personal Q&A about diet, nutrition and lifestyle habits.

    Personalized Diet

    8th Sense offers personalized nutrition for long term weight loss, the reversal of Insulin resistance and education about unique hereditary propensities that in connection with environmental factors create problems. Understanding all factors involved is essential for long term results. The temporary loss which is achieved with an un-personalized (or popular) diet approach often results in more kilograms and stubborn fat in the long run. Personalized diet and personalized lifestyle interventions for long term weight loss require a patient’s active participation.

    They need to understand a problem, be educated about it, identify their weak points, environmental influences, lifestyle impact, etc, take active participation to cure weight problems. This is only possible if it is well investigated and tailored to the individual patient’s needs.

    Contact us for further assistance  on 011 884 6418 or email 8th Sense .

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    Functional Medicine – What is it?

    The major difference between conventional and functional medicine is in the way of attending the health issue. Conventional medicine considers the only apparent disease, predictably addressing a symptom and not the cause, treating each individual as “one size fits all” and though there is a big place for conventional medicine a need for differently addressing modern area health struggles has changed. Functional medicine is striving to find the real root of the health misbalance concentrating on treating rather the cause and not the symptom. It is a scientifically based medicine, with numerous peer-reviewed and extensive studies focusing on understanding biochemically unique processes of each individual interacting with an environment. Understanding which physiological process is affected in a particular individual under particular circumstances will allow the reestablishment of health and wellness using phytonutrients, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, hormones, etc.

    The functional medicine model tailored to each individual according to their DNA analysis is a cornerstone of Dr. Nedic’s consultation.  DR Nedic passionately uses this approach in her ‘Functional medicine cases’ (like Chronic Fatigue, ME, Fibromyalgia, Insulin Resistance, Autoimmunity patients) as well in her “Anti-Aging “cases. Personalized medicine also means moving from the approach “one size fits all” into a tailored approach where each patient will get exclusive supplement’s prescription, unique lifestyle changes advice, personalized nutrition, customized exercise program.



*Disclaimer: Treatment results will vary on a patient to patient basis. No guarantees can be made