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Dr. Nedic – A “Health Icon ” chosen by Longevity

Dr. Nedic – A “Health Icon ” chosen by Longevity






As an aesthetic and anti-aging practitioner, Sly Nedic is the owner of 8th Sense medi-spa in Sandton. She is an ambassador for the World Organization Society of Anti-aging Medicine, an advisory board member for genetic testing at the Academy Reunis of Luxembourg, and a lecturer in Preventive Genetics at international and local congresses.

My greatest health asset is my adrenal glands. I had adrenal fatigue about 15 years ago. Adrenals are the main organs which respond to everyday stress; keeping this stress at bay is imperative to my life. I now use my integrative medical knowledge to nourish my adrenals and manage my stress.

I believe that personalisation is the only way to deliver substantial health, wellbeing and anti-aging. My advice to everyone is to conscientiously invest in health, as it is the wealth of the 21st century.

The health lesson I have learned is to question conventional medication. During the peak of my chronic fatigue I developed a serious autoimmune disease, and it was suggested that I should be treated using very toxic chronic medication (with an uncertain outcome). That is when I chose to change my profession. I underwent specialisation in integrative medicine. It helped me to restore my health and that’s what I am doing for my patients.