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Dr.Nedic – Cover Story in The Business Woman Magazine

Dr.Nedic – Cover Story in The Business Woman Magazine


Leading the Anti-Aging Revolution…





Creating a younger world

Dr. Sly Nedic – the story of an anti-aging guru.

Dr. Sly Nedic, MBChB(BEL), is the founder and owner of 8th Sense Medi-Spa Sandton. As a registered doctor with the Health Profession Council of South Africa, Dr. Nedic holds numerous credentials that make her one of South Africa’s most highly qualified doctors in aesthetic, anti-aging and integrative medicine. Dr. Nedic is a Board Certified Physician in Anti-Aging Medicine by the World Organization of Anti-Aging Medicine (WOSAAM), member of the American Academy and International Hormone Society, a certified Acupuncturist at the Allied Health Profession Council, Advisory Board Member of Health Intelligence Magazine and A2 (Aesthetic and Anti-aging) Magazine, Advisory Board Member of Prime Magazine (Europe) and a Registered Genetic Testing Doctor (from Laboratories Reunis Luxembourg).

Dr. Sly Nedic’s resume reads like a list of world class accomplishments! Having spent an initial 14 years in pediatrics, Sly found her true calling in the antiaging field. She has spent the last 10 years Bringing youth to her various clientele. A large portion of the miracles she performs, involves genetics. Says Dr. Nedic, “Genetics plays an important role in integrative functional medicine which is a part of antiaging. We are talking about preventative genetics, and preventative medicine which is the essence of any anti-aging that starts even before a woman conceives, before a child is born. We often mention at anti-aging congresses that prevention of aging starts before birth.” Dr. Nedic checks all her female patients when starting Bio-identical hormone replacement to ascertain whether they have a genetic predisposition for Breast cancer. At times a check up of one patient will often lead to a check up of the whole family including children. As she explains “Prevention of a heart attack, Alzheimer’s disease, obesity, depression, Insulin resistance and so on is all applicable. It boils down to applying lifestyle interventions before it is too late.” She has an immense passion for making a difference in people’s lives through the use of science. When Dr. Nedic says that an informed patient is a happy patient this is truly what she means. Her insistence is on a clear understanding of whatever procedure a patient wishes to undergo from aesthetics to anti-aging programs. She does this by making use of slides, pictures and simplifying her explanations so the client understands what is best for them.

This is very important since the patient also needs to take responsibility in their own aging process.

As she explains “If one wants beautifully glowing skin but smokes, drinks and eats junk food, one must understand that the results will be limited.” Not only a certified doctor but also a qualified acupuncturist Dr. Nedic makes extensive use of traditional Chinese medicines in her everyday life and uses acupuncture regularly on herself and her family. Her enormous amount of respect for this 1100 BC medicine stems from extensive research. Since Dr. Nedic remains actively up to date with global anti-aging research,

one cannot help but wonder if humans will ever reach a stage of living indefinitely?

Dr. Nedic says, “I think in this new era of phenomenal discoveries such as the telomerase theory of aging, stem cell revolution and preventative genomics, we have a good chance of increasing human lifespan. However we have a couple of enemies in achieving that, such as persistent organic pollution and stress that has an enormous impact on premature aging.” Being on the advisory board of Prime Magazine (EUROPE), which is the most popular anti-aging international magazine, has helped Dr. Nedic to be in touch with experts from all across the world. She regularly cases from South Africa. In October 2013 she will be in Paris to give a lecture about how to safely treat menopausal women with Bioidentical hormones at the AMEC (Ant-Aging Medical European Congress). Numerous patients as far as the UK, Australia and from all across the globe come to do treatments with Dr. Nedic. Dr. Nedic’s sage advice for those that would like to achieve their dreams and find fulfillment is simply, “Find your inner courage and take the first step. If you fail, learn from it and move on and try not to hurt anyone in achieving your dreams.”

And women in anti-aging? Comments Dr. Nedic, “Women involved in anti-aging are more sensible and aware of what the female population needs. Women always want to look better and improve themselves. Antiaging medicine will never stop developing, as there is a very demanding creature out there waiting for a new, faster and longer lasting anti-aging tool -a woman !” Being so involved in anti-aging, Sly fully applies her knowledge on herself from eating organic food, not drinking and not smoking to detoxifying, exercising and using bioidentical hormones (she is 49!). When it comes to staff members and fellow colleagues Dr. Nedic believes in leading by example. Not one to just criticize, she rather reassesses people’s weaknesses and then goes about implementing tasks to recreate the strength within each one. Sly had a very deep and profound relationship with her mother, who sadly passed away seven months ago. “She taught me that the most important thing in life is family” comments Sly, adding, “She taught me that you only succeed if you are focused and work very hard”. Being truly blessed that she had her mother’s love and support, she now takes comfort in knowing that she made her mom very proud. To melt away the stress, Sly does Kundalini yoga and meditation, loves to read and travels for pleasure whenever there is an opportunity to do so. Outside of work her daughter Luna occupies most of her time. She says, “She is the most important person in my life, we have a very strong bond and we do everything together.” They are actually doing a 30-day challenge for well-defined abdominal abs and Sly is busy teaching Luna how to cook traditional Serbian food. Dr. Sly Nedic is an inspiration. And what does she know for sure? “That I will retire at the age of seventy in Positano (Italy), finishing my novel “An African Sky” and looking just as I am today.

A world for beautifying people

8th Sense, Aesthetic Religion – beauty through excellence.

8th Sense Sandton is the most reputable aesthetic medispa and anti-aging clinic in Johannesburg. This unique practice addresses all problems related to aging under one roof, in a soothing, discreet and welcoming environment, catering for men and women of all skin colours and all ages. They have the experience, fine eye for beauty, latest procedures and science-based knowledge to deliver a naturally younger look, a youthful body and superb health.

Each patient is approached holistically. With the latest aesthetic procedures 8th Sense can safely create a look that is at least 10 years younger, with literally no downtime. Using integrative medical knowledge, 8th Sense assesses each patient’s biological age and identifies potential age-related diseases with genetic testing. A new lifestyle is created in order to achieve long lasting results. Their holistic approach consists of encompassing every patient’s aging profile internally and externally. Dr. Sly Nedic, founder of 8th Sense, is passionate about creating a place where men and women can feel welcome and free to address aging as a whole. She believes that aesthetic procedures for younger looking face and body should be done in conjunction with internal anti-aging in order to last longer and to ensure a better quality of life of an aging person.

‘I believe my patients need to age well while feeling young and looking youthful. This is only possible if we address aging holistically and deliver a natural look using the latest scientific methods,’ said Nedic.

This unique aesthetic practice for men and women is situated in a sophisticated and soothing environment in the heart of Sandton. Here, they offer you the most advanced selection of non-surgical aesthetic and anti-aging treatments, as well as genetic testing. The science of aesthetics is constantly growing and improving and Dr. Nedic makes sure that her skin therapists are continuously updated and educated with the latest innovations in this field. The choice to have any aesthetic treatment is a big decision that could be life-changing. At 8th Sense, they believe that only a truly informed patient is a happy patient. Therefore, all your concerns and expectations will be thoroughly discussed so that your mind is set at ease. All their non-surgical makeover methods will be explained in depth so that you can explore the possibilities and make an educated and informed decision. For all medical procedures, you will be seen and treated by Dr. Sly Nedic and for cosmetic procedures by the highly trained therapists. As a registered doctor with the Health Profession Council of South Africa and founder of 8th Sense Spa, Dr. Nedic holds numerous credentials that make her one of South Africa’s most highly qualified doctors in aesthetic, anti-aging and integrative medicine. Dr. Sly Nedic’s passion for combining artistically done make overs with science based medical anti-aging is what sets 8th Sense apart. She regularly attends international aesthetic and anti-aging conferences in Europe, USA, and Asia, striving to bring to South Africa the latest technologies and methods in Aesthetic and Anti-Aging. She is an international speaker in Aesthetic and Anti-Aging Congresses as well as locally. 8th Sense MediSpa in Sandton is able to offer a bouquet of consultations, treatments and procedures encompassing facial rejuvenation, body reshaping and rejuvenation, skin renewal and a broad range of Anti-Aging treatments to make you gorgeous, younger and healthier . For detailed information, visit and view the extensive information and treatments offered