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DR Nedic reports from AMWC 2016 Monaco

DR Nedic reports from AMWC 2016 Monaco

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Dr Nedic reports from AMWC 2016 Monaco – One of the largest global events in aesthetic and anti-aging.

Under the High Patronage of H.S.H prince Albert II of Monaco the AMWC 2016 in Monaco is the biggest event in anti- aging and aesthetic medicine. To attend is a privilege and an opportunity to bring the latest protocols and news in anti-aging and aesthetic medicine from all over the world to South Africa. There are several topic highlights which I was very enthusiastic about and I intend to take them back to my practice with me. These features are bolded in the text below.

Multimodality approach for facial rejuvenation using laser, fillers, threads and neuromodulator showed superiority in achieving higher patient satisfaction which is something we already do at 8th Sense and will further reinforce.

An interesting concept was a session called Medical Profiloplasty that outlines the importance of the beautification of a patient’s profile, which is something many individuals are not aware of as they usually don’t see it themselves in a mirror. Nose lifts and nose remodeling, popularly called Eiffel tower concept, can be safely used in many African and Asian patients with wider and downward pointing noses.

An extended session was dedicated to male aesthetics. The points of discussion were: the anatomy of the male face, male’s points of concerns and avoiding feminization of the male face but still keeping his look -hot. It is fantastic to see that South African men have the same conservative approach which fits with the majority of “world men” and their tendencies to invest more in aesthetics is according to world trends. Well done South African men!

“Tomorrow is too late for prevention” was a very informative session which concentrated on the prevention of skin and body aging. It pointed out which nutrition, exercise and skin care regime and aesthetic procedures should be used.

On a more serious note my favorite sessions were in medical anti -aging: New trends in positive aging targeting the longevity gene FOX3 with novelty methods, using cutting edge laboratory markers to determine biological aging (how old we really are!) and measuring telomere length (measuring whether the anti-ageing therapies that we already apply really work ?!). Besides my preventative genetic testing which I already use for personalized anti-aging (it was a huge topic in this congress) I am hungry to bring telomere testing and to obtain this little machine for quick method of measuring stress for our highly stressed life style in South Africa. Hormonal anti-aging and stem cells anti –aging remains the main topic of anti-aging conferences. Since I already practice hormonal anti-aging systemically, a new additional tool in treating aged skin with topical bio-identical hormones skin care (with a lot of scientific evidence) is something I will explore shortly. I already have samples in my bag and will test it first on my menopausal skin!

Coming from our really poor Rand value I was feeling much better when one of the doctors from a very busy practice in Munich lectured about “how to successfully manage a patient with a limited budget”. Germany-are you kidding me? It appears that in Germany everyone comes with a limited budget as they spend their money conservatively. Great tips and very applicable for the recent South African market.

Treating dark circles, Ethnic skin concerns, novelty in threads for face and neck rejuvenation, and new modalities for stubborn fat removals has given me additional insight into something I already scientifically use in my practice.

Last but not least my two favorite companies Allergan and Galderma whose fillers and neuromodulators I use in my practice brought along with them, as always, the biggest “gurus” in aesthetics (with whom I had hands on teaching previously) like Mauricio de Maio, Dr Steven Liew, Dr Arthur Sift etc. to stretch the boundaries into real artistry!