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“Express facelift”

One out of five singles have dated someone that they have met online according to this report. (USA, C.M.Bailey 2010). The study has shown that on dating sites men usually lie about their income and height, and women usually lie about their age and weight, uploading a profile picture where they are typically ten years younger. (McCarty, 2009). However, there will reach a point in time where you will have to reveal yourself and your online profile will have to stand the test. This is when we are usually approached in request for the “express facelift”!

The field of aesthetics is nimble: over different periods of time there come new trends and new requests from patients, putting aesthetic doctors on an intensive search to find out how to respond to those demands in the best way. At this point in time we are dealing with a large group of patients involved in online dating and looking for a “quick fix” to make them look representative and attractive. In these situations, the desired aesthetic procedures are not planned out well in advance (as they should be), but only immediately after a first date has been arranged. This applies to all generations from millennials to generation X and even baby boomers. The requirements are usually to achieve maximum results within the shortest possible time, without any downtime and with the least possible spending.

Although patients desperately want any procedure that will make them more attractive, it is still essential for the aesthetic doctor to provide an in-depth consultation explaining all the options and possibilities to ensure that disappointment is avoided. The primary goal is to create realistic expectations. So for anyone needing fast results for an important upcoming event, the following is all applicable for you.

What can be and cannot be achieved?

Some beautifications can be achieved using specific tips and tricks in applying makeup, especially using a foundation with light-reflecting particles that can create an optical illusion of glowing skin. Arching brows and contouring eyes with artistically used eyeshades can create some eyelift. But often it is the case that more dramatic changes are needed to boost self-confidence.

When it comes to deep wrinkles and folds the easiest way to achieve quick results and simulate a “face lift” is to use neuromodulator for hyperkinetic lines and wrinkles, and to use dermal fillers for static lines and folds. We usually refer to this as a liquid facelift.

The timing is crucial. Patients need to be informed that the neuromodulator aplication may take as long as two weeks for it to work properly. It also needs to be done by an experienced injector to avoid eyelids drooping, asymmetrical lifting etc. which are all (usually) harmless side effects but nonetheless require time to return to normal. Applying fillers also demands an experienced hand, and the sheer urgency to look good (for the upcoming event) will help your doctor choose a cannula over a needle while injecting the fillers. A cannula is a blunted, needle-similar object that prevents bruises and does not traumatize tissue in the same way that a needle does.

Understanding your motivation for the treatment will also help your doctor choose a filler with less hygroscopic (water retaining) properties that will minimize swelling.

All the above interventions performed by an experienced injector will ensure minimal downtime. Choosing an experienced injector is very important for avoiding overcorrection, an unnatural look, a frozen appearance, duck looking lips and so on, as this will cause exactly the opposite to beautification and boosting self-confidence.

Skilled doctors, who understand the mathematical proportions of the face, will be able to contour the face in a 3D fashion, beautifying it and correcting any unwanted lines at the same time. A liquid facelift is the quickest way to accomplish a natural and refreshed look in a non-invasive manner to get you ready for the upcoming date, and everyone wildly uses it.

Sagging skin, jowls, drooping eyelids and turkey neck are often the first to request for quick fixing. Unfortunately, these are problems related to the loss of collagen and results cannot be accomplished speedily. These procedures need to be planned months in advance prior to that momentous event. The patient needs to understand that using different radio frequencies, tailored infrared lights, ultrasounds, treading, etc. will all require at least 3-6 months to obtain the desirable lifted look. Some procedures, such as Thermage and Titan (Cutera), are ones with no downtime at all and can create an immediate 30% improvement. This improvement is upcoming from an immediate denaturation of the collagen and often is acceptable if combined with fillers and BonTA. However, it is still important to educate a patient that the more sustainable results will only appear in a couple of months’ time.

Occasionally, strategically placing volumizing fillers in a specific area can simulate a lift and although this is not a procedure dedicated for increasing collagen, it can temporarily help for having lux skin while awaiting the long term results from the collagen enhancing procedures.

Individuals that are suffering from pigmentation problems (melasma, photodamage and postinflammatory hyperpigmentations) and patients with acne and acne scars cannot expect fast improvement. Their management usually requires a series of treatments with lasers, peels needling, topical creams etc. and even then the latest publications revealed that, for example, the maximum improvement for acne scars, achieved with a combination of treatments, is only 50% (Imcas 2018). It is very important to still choose medical practice and doctors supervision to achieve this improvement as in today’s competitive world lots of beauty salons are offering similar treatments at the competitive price and misleading offers. Do not allow a desperation for looking good to trough you into unskilled hands potentially causing irreversible damage.

Glowing skin is relatively easy to accomplish by using glycolic acid peel that does not have any downtime. In combination with Cryo-therapy and LED lights it can give even better results and can make your skin ready for any important event. For more severe photodamage and texture problems (dull and rough) ablative, non-ablative and fractional lasers, PRP, needling, medium and deep peels, IPL, etc. should be used and with these procedures, there is downtime as well as a series of treatments that need to be scheduled long in advance.