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Growth Hormones Is self-medication dangerous? by Dr. Nedic

Growth Hormones Is self-medication dangerous? by Dr. Nedic

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Dr. Nedic explains how the use of GH without a physicians supervision can be potentially dangerous...

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Growth Hormones

Is self-medication dangerous

Growth hormone (GH) is one of the hormones that is often misused. It’s also usually self-medicated by the general population as i t’s relatively easy to get from a ‘non-official’ market. Dr Nedic explains how the use of GH without a physicians supervision can be potentially dangerous.

What is the role of GH?

GH is an anabolic hormone which is responsible for our growth during childhood and puberty. It is also responsible for the maintenance of the volume and tone of our skin, bone and muscles. From the age of 30 (much earlier than our other hormones), GH declines at the rate of one-four % per year, causing acceleration of the ageing process. GH production is at the peak during the first three hours of sleep, so people who work night shifts – or go to sleep long after midnight can affect the circadian rhythm of GH. They therefore can experience signs of premature ageing. Majority of the people who abuse GH are in fact younger (from age 30-40 years), and do not suffer any of the below-mentioned symptoms. Instead, they mostly use GH to increase volume on their muscles – and they do so without being totally aware of possible dangerous side effects of GH. It’s important to note that diagnosis of GH deficiency must be done by a medical doctor – and the one and only indication for using GH injection is a documented GH deficiency.

What are the symptoms and signs of low GH?

  1. Sagging cheeks
  2. Sagging and thinning of the skin
  3. Receding gums
  4. Muscles are atrophic (Back muscles sag, as well as the inner thighs)
  5. Abdominal flabbiness (“spare tyre”)
  6. Thinning hair
  7. Kyphosis & hyperlordosis (spine deformities)
  8. Erectile dysfunction
  9. Difficulty in recovering after physical activity
  10. Exhaustion

Why is self –medication of GH dangerous?

The following indications can be seen in a person who has overdosed on GH:

  • Around three-four days, a person can develop edema (swelling) of the feet, hands, nose, lips, eyelids – as well as a tingling of the nose and fingers.
  • After one month, a person can acquire excessive muscle development – especially in the shoulders (this is a desirable effect by the majority of Johannesburg gym junkies).
  • After six-twelve months- acromegaly can develop (increased size of hands, feet, nose and chin).

Persons using GH without supervision from a physician might not be aware of the effect which GH can cause on other hormones, such as:

    • Stimulation of thyroid hormone: excessive sweating at night, increased hunger, difficulty in falling asleep and palpitations.
    • Reduction of cortisol activity by as much as 40%. This is really important for people who already have chronic adrenal fatigue and ongoing stress – as the use of GH can further deplete cortisol level. A person can develop symptoms of immunity depression, with often and long lasting flu, etc. Due to low cortisol the resistance to stress is diminished. There is a specific protocol how to inject GH in patients with adrenal fatigue and ongoing stress.
    • Excessive stimulation of androgens can lead to excessive aggression, acne, oily skin and hair, increased body hair and persistent erections.

Persons might not be aware that other hormones can also affect GH level.
The strong GH stimulators are: Testosterone, Estrogen, Progesterone, DHEA, Thyroid, Melatonin, Insulin, and IGF-1. Strong GH inhibitors are oral estrogens (beware of the contraception pill) and cortisol.

Persons might not be aware that each individual needs to be assessed medically prior to GH treatment as each individual needs personalized treatments depending on their other hormone levels, state of adrenals, body weight, gender etc. For example, women need a 20-30% higher dosage than men, obese patient’s needs a 50 % higher dose, women on HRT needs 20% less – and patients on testosterone therapy needs a 30% less dose. From the above, it is evident that self- medication is not only dangerous – but can also be unsuccessful.

How to safely increase GH production (natural boost):

      • Follow the Paleolithic diet (commonly known as the PALEO diet): Fruits, meat, vegetables, poultry, eggs and fish (all raw, or cooked on a low temperature)
      • Try have seven-eight hours of sleep a night • Avoid sugar, sweets, bread, caffeinated drinks and alcohol, tobacco and milk products (we all know this!)
      • Interval exercise 4x a week In an ageing, mature person, GH use will unfortunately never produce a lean body, as there is a multi-hormonal deficiency. However, if it’s used under medical supervision with a holistic approach of all deficiencies, it can restore youth, concentration, inner peace and self-confidence, as it is a key anti-ageing hormone.