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I-Pixel Laser – Fractional Skin Resurfacing

I-Pixel Laser – Fractional Skin Resurfacing

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I-Pixel Laser represents a modern approach to fractional laser skin resurfacing devices. It is capable of improving a variety of skin conditions without downtime and discomfort that is usually associated with other, old fashioned resurfacing lasers.*

What can it do?

I-Pixel Laser will improve your skin’s texture and tone to fight fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation and even acne scars. It will also stimulate new collagen growth. Skin tone and texture improvement will be usually noticeable after one single treatment.*

Our patients love this treatment because it:

  • Clears sun-damaged skin*
  • Smoothes away fine lines and wrinkles*
  • Shrinks enlarged pores*
  • Diminishes acne scars*
  • Blends uneven pigmentation (even epidermal melasma)*
  • Decreases skin roughness and dullness*

How Does it Work?

I-Pixel laser pulses create tiny ablative zones, removing the epidermis and upper dermis leaving 65% of the skin intact. The treatment then triggers the body’s natural healing process, stimulating the growth of new healthy skin tissue.*

The treatment is fractional which means that the procedure treats small zones of the skin, leaving the surrounding tissue intact. These large unaffected areas act as a reservoir for effective and rapid healing, revealing new, healthier & smoother skin.*

Who is a Candidate for I-Pixel Laser Skin Treatment?

Any man or woman that shows signs of aged or sun-damaged skin can benefit from this treatment. Wrinkled, hyperpigmented or acne scarred skin will be significantly improved after this light-based rejuvenation.* I-Pixel laser skin rejuvenation system is beneficial for all skin types including darker, ethnic skin. It’s used on the face, neck, décolleté and hands.*

What Happens During the Treatment and How Long Will it Take to Recover?

Your first consultation with Dr. Nedic will clearly set out your expectations of the treatment. She will explain on your first meeting whether or not these results are achievable for your particular skin condition and possibly suggest another approach. You will be informed of any possible contraindications and alternatives.

Prior to the treatment, a topical anesthetic will be applied ensuring that there is no pain during the procedure.
A small, hand-held device will be used to touch your skin in the chosen area. Flashes of laser light will treat those areas. Depending on the treated surface size, each session can take from 15 to 45 minutes.

For several hours afterwards the skin will feel tight and have “sunburned” look. Any possible swelling (usually minimal) will disappear within 3 days.* Mild to moderate skin flaking and “pinkish” look might persist for seven days.* This is a normal and expected reaction. Your body will be growing new, youthful skin.*

Application of moisturizing and sun block cream is recommended during this period. Most people find that they can return to work immediately after the treatment, but this will depend on the number of laser passes and the applied energy.

How Safe and Successful is This Particular Skin Rejuvenation?

Although I-Pixel Laser effectively creates ablations on the surface layers of the skin, healing is quick and involves minimal downtime. The procedure is vastly superior to older, more aggressive laser treatments. *

Treatment success varies from person to person and relies upon careful client selection. Your first consultation with our doctor will set realistic client expectations and point the way to a younger looking skin. Best results are usually achieved with 3 treatments, 3 weeks apart, but we have seen improvements in skin tone and texture after only one treatment.*

*Disclaimer: Treatment results will vary on a patient to patient basis. No guarantees can be made