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Meet The Expert – Dr. Nedic

Meet The Expert – Dr. Nedic


Personal anti-aging lifestyle by Dr. Nedic …


Meet the expert

Dr Sly Nedic, an aesthetic and anti-ageing practitioner, and owner of the 8th Sense Medi-Spa in Sandton, Johannesburg, offers great advice on anti-ageing and healthy habits to adopt in 2014

How do you start your day?
I spend 30 minutes in the early morning sun meditating. I drink freshly squeezed organic lemonade and my morning detox shake, and I never leave my house without a low-GL breakfast. I make sure I have pleasant music playing in the car and I sing all the way to my work while I appreciate life.

What are your anti-ageing tips?
Anti-ageing is a lifestyle. Personalised anti-ageing advice is the way of the future because everyone ages differently and chronological ageing doesn’t always correlate with biological ageing. Consulting an integrative medical practitioner who can identify your ageing biomarkers, genetic make-up and particular lifestyle risk factors will give you a personalised anti-ageing ‘prescription’.

What is your favourite gadget?
I love and continuously use PMF (pulse magnetic field therapy), which I purchased at an antiageing congress. Knowing that the Earth’s magnetic field (which is necessary for our cell functioning) is becoming depleted, PMF is on my priority list for the foundation of good health. It increases my energy levels immediately and helps with detoxification. I must admit that I also have a ‘toxic friend’ … my MacBook.

How do you stay healthy?
Having very fragile genetics, my health requires dedication 365 days a year, meaning: I don’t drink alcohol, I sleep eight hours a day, I eat only organic food and drink purified water from a glass bottle, I don’t use sugar or caffeine, I only use organic make-up and take personalised supplements, I do yoga and meditation, and I have lots of fun.

What is the biggest health trend at the moment?
Gene mapping is big. We can calculate the risk of developing cardiovascular disease or diabetes type II even in a newborn child. This automatically opens doors for starting the prevention process from day one and for personalised medical treatments. So, personalised treatment is the biggest trend, as there is no one-size-fits-all approach anymore.

What is your advice for 2014?
Switch to organic food and find an integrative medical practitioner to provide personalised anti-ageing and preventative medicine. Use all the anti-stress tools available to prevent an altered cortisol level, as this is at the core of many age-related diseases. Furthermore, exercising and investing in your own spiritual growth will lead to a better you.