Smoker’s Lines

You can finally have those beautiful lips without any swelling or bruising. Even more importantly, your husband and your best friend will never notice anything “artificial” about your new look. Allergan.Inc developed this revolutionary filler for the specific purpose of avoiding those famous “duck-looking” lips.*

Thanks to Volbella, now we can have smooth, hydrated and natural looking lips. It is suitable for women and men of all ages and ethnic groups. Even your mother in law can have it as it is designed to treat those fine peri-oral (mouth) lines called “smoker’s lines”.*

What is Volbella Filler?

This new dermal filler is specially designed to not only gently restore natural-looking lip volume, but to also precisely define lip contours. It will smooth “smoker’s lines” around the lips and support “marionette” lines down to the chin.*

Developed using Allergan’s proprietary Vycross technology, Juvéderm’s Volbella is formulated with an innovative technology that improves the cross-linking efficiency of Hyaluronic Acid (HA) chains. Consequentially, lower concentrations of HA can be used, which decreases the swelling to a minimum. The ultra-smooth gel results in a natural look and feel and it allows for long-lasting (12 months).*

In addition to this innovative technology, the filler contains painkilling Lidocaine anesthetic, which makes this procedure virtually painless. Lip augmentation can be done without any bruising, largely due to the fact that the needles are super thin.*

How will my lips look?

Your lips will look naturally enhanced, smooth and well hydrated immediately after the procedure. You will be able to resume your duties straight after this intervention without worrying that someone will notice any swelling. You don’t have to send your husband on a business trip to enhance your lips, nor you must hide the whole weekend till the swelling goes away. With this filler, swelling is avoided. And thanks to a specific consistency of this product there is no danger of getting “duck” looking lips.*

How successfully can this filler erase “smoker’s lines”?

Smoker’s lines” are related to Collagen and Elastin decrease in the mouth area due to Estrogen depletion in aging women while men can have that same condition due to the lack of Testosterone. Up until now, aesthetic doctors and plastic surgeons did not have a good product to inject into this area without the risk of creating an unnatural look. It was really difficult to erase those lines even in combination with other techniques, like lasers, microdermabrasion, and peels.

With Volbella, these lines will be greatly diminshed. This product’s technology allows it to be injected superficially without showing uneven or unnatural look which is always our paramount goal.*


*Disclaimer: Treatment results will vary on a patient to patient basis. No guarantees can be made