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Solutions for Eye Concerns by Dr. Nedic

Solutions for Eye Concerns by Dr. Nedic


Longevity – Dr. Nedic aked to comment on aesthetic solutions for your eyes…


Dr Sly Nedic, 8th Sense, Sandton:


Crow’s feet/hyperkinetic wrinkles are the result of photo-aging and hyperactivity of the orbicularis muscle. They worsen during menopause, with the loss of collagen and elastin.
Treatment: Neuromodulator (Botox or Dysport)
What to expect: There is high patient satisfaction after two weeks of treatment as hyperkinetic wrinkles disappear.
How long it lasts: Three to four months
What it costs: R800 – R1 300


Droopy eyelids and sagging eyebrows refer to upper eyelid loss of collagen and subsequent increase in laxity.

  • First line: Radiofrequency-like Thermage for long-lasting results, as it stimulates collagen production
  • Neuromodulator and fillers: For 3D eye lift and artistic eyebrow shaping; used for mild cases and in combination with Thermage
  • Blefaroplasty: An invasive treatment for advanced cases


What to expect: Thermage: Non-invasive treatment, expecting long-lasting results after a month, and progressive improvement 3D eye lift with injectables (Botox and fillers): Immediate results, better in younger patients and in patients with mild to moderate sagging

How long it lasts: Years for Thermage, months for neuromodulators, one-and-a-half years for fillers

What it costs: Thermage from R8 000, 3D eye lift from R3 000


Dark circles are a complex condition resulting from a combination of factors: a) thinning of the periorbital skin, which becomes translucent, showing the structure beneath; b) haemoglobin staining deep dermal tissue, from long-lasting stasis in this area (usually seen in darker skin and mostly genetic); c) pigmentation due to sun damage; d) loss of supportive tissue, enhancing darkness. These are all localised problems, but they can be a sign of an underlying medical condition such as insomnia, chronic fatigue or allergies.

Treatment: Multimodality approach with superficial chemical peels, laser resurfacing, topical treatment for hyperpigmentation, continuous prevention of photo-aging with sunblock and good cosmeceutical anti-aging eye cream

What to expect: Results are generally good, providing patients understand the importance of prevention. More refractory cases are darker skin types (Fitzpatrick V and VI), where there is a hereditary condition caused by haemoglobin staining; the use of topical vitamin K can diminish the problem to a certain degree. How long it lasts: Depends on the underlying condition

What it costs: Chemical peel from R500, resurfacing laser from R2 000