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Stamati Lagoudis

C.E.O | MERIDIAN  worldwide

testimonial picDear Dr Nedic,

Since participating in DNA testing with you and following the finely tuned supplements and vitamins that you prescribe for me I have seen a marked difference in both my physical and mental make up. I know this might sound extreme so please allow me to elaborate.

Having been quite athletic my entire life I have always been aware of the effect of exercise, nutrition, life style and supplements have on my body, however I always felt that I had never got this combination right and was always looking for someone to help me fine tune this process. With your assistance I have eventually realized this goal!

For the first time in my adult life I am leading a clean life style willingly. I eat well, exercise well, rest well and as a result of this perform better in all spheres of my life, especially decision making.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the time you have taken with me to allow me to find this holistic approach to life.*

Best Regards,

Stamati Lagoudis




I have an autoimmune thyroid disorder which flared up at the end of 2013. I was on sleeping tablets, tranquilizers, frequent antibiotics for sinusitis and fungicides for Candida infections. My symptoms were palpitations, shaking, insomnia, hair loss and not being able to focus mentally. I was making frequent mistakes which affected my job as a high school science teacher. My physician said I needed to have my thyroid gland radioactively destroyed.

During July 2014 I consulted Dr Nedic, who did  DNA test  and other blood tests. Based on these she prescribed numerous natural supplements and hormones which I have been taking ever since. She advised me to stop eating gluten and dairy products. I was also given ten magnetic pulse therapy sessions. Ten months later I feel like a new person. I am not taking sleeping tablets and I sleep well, don’t need tranquilizers and have not had antibiotics since I first saw her. My thyroid results are improving (I never had radioactive treatment on my thyroid). I can cope at work and socially, and enjoy life again!*



Lynn, Johannesburg

As I got old I began to loose confidence due to my sagging skin on the face. I have wrinkles but they did not worry me at all.

I found dr Nedic and she introduced me to one new world of anti-aging. She did Thermage on my face for sagging skin 7 years ago and I still look amazing. She treated me with anti-aging supplements and bio-identical hormones to stop aging.

Quality of my life improved and I feel and look young. I highly recommend Dr Nedic as her knowledge and professionalism is superb.*



Dineo Nkosi

I wish I knew 8thsense a while ago. The experience here is awesome. I look forward to coming here for my sessions because there’s a remarkable difference in my body weight. The ladies are excellent and very clued up about their work. I can certainly recommend it to others. It’s worth every cent.*



Helen Saunders

What a great experience!

Dr Nedic has a great team of therapists who are friendly as they are gorgeous (and skinny). Will definitely be back for more- finally got rid of that last 5kgs.*

Thank you and god bless you all.



Angela Saffy

Hi Dr Nedic and Ruth

Just want to thank you for all your help after my accident , without your help I really don’t know what I would have done!

I fell on the 8 th November 2014! I called Ruth immediately and she said I should come in! Dr Nedic put me under lights everyday for 2 months and the healing process began! The LED  lights were amazing and I could see my skin improving on a daily basis! I then had some filler in the scar under my nose and because of the fall my face looked different on each side, so Dr Nedic straightened me out with a few fillers!

I am so grateful for all that they did to help me, they made me feel normal again! I would recommend anyone to 8th Sense as I believe in them and they believe in you!*

Thanking you,

Angela Saffy



Isabel Dos Santos

Dr Nedic is an amazing professional person . I went to many different Anti- ageing clinics in many different countries Brazil, Portugal etc.   but since I met her I only come here. My skin improved, the spots and wrinkles are gone. She did anti –aging  and DNA testing to improve my life style .I feel very happy and healthy .*


Isabel Dos Santos



Jane waters

An initial exploratory visit has become a two weekly habit because of the charming professionalism. I trust the advice and treatments I receive.*

Jane waters



Kim Macaulay

Overall experience has been that all the therapists are extremely knowledgeable, kind and professional. I enjoy my sessions as the professional service and general care that each therapist has given me has been unbelievable!

They are really superb individuals and I have recommended the company to many of my friends.

Most other companies do not have the personal touch, but here at 8thsense, I am so very proud to say I am a client and will continue to have my treatments here.

Dr Nedic has a very specialized and professional company with women that truly make it an even better experience. She can be very proud her ladies are initialized with top class work ethics and customer service.*

Thanks to everyone!

Kim Macaulay



Marlene Sinclair

Good Morning,

I am an athlete, and mother of two young children. Now in my late 40’s I found I wasn’t well, I felt extreme fatigue, and aches and pains that were never part of my physical make up. I met with Dr. Nedic forDNA testing and she prescribed supplements according to my DNA.  My life has turned around. Dr Nedic professionalism, care and dedication is outstanding.  I feel the vitality I have not experienced for decades. I am deeply grateful to her and her team for their support.*


Marlene Sinclair



Noma Nelani

The staff of 8thsense are very wonderful, caring and nice people. I have seen much improvement of the treatment taken with 8thsense.

I was just trying my luck to check if really the stretchmarks will be removed or not, but I have really seen a big, big improvement and I am very happy about that.

8thsense is doing a great job. The job done is really value for money for me. I am very much happy to come and do the treatments with them.*


*Disclaimer: Treatment results will vary on a patient to patient basis. No guarantees can be made