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The Aesthetic Medicine Congress of South Africa – Dr. Nedic

The Aesthetic Medicine Congress of South Africa – Dr. Nedic


Safe use of female Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy.

At the event of menopause, the hormonal metabolism undergoes pronounced modifications leading to some typical and unpleasant symptoms like hot flushes and anxiety and to increase of the relative risk of cardiovascular disease and osteoporosis.

In order to overcome these symptoms a hormonal replacement treatment can be taken into account. Using a recent data from French E3N cohort study  will be shown why our choice is bioidenthical hormones estrogen-progesterone and not estrogen alone or estrogen-progestagen.

The goal of this study was to assess and compare the association between different HRTs and the breast cancer risk.

But before using any hormone replacement therapy including the BHRT (bio-identical) an assessment of patient genetic predisposition, and identification of patent estrogen load from Endogenous estrogens , Environmental estrogens and Dietary estrogens should be known. That will allow the practitioner to estimate the most adapted hormonal dosage as well as the evaluation whether the beneficial effect of such a hormonal replacement treatments outbalance the potential risk of developing breast cancer. The treatment with BHRT than become personalized and safe.

In order to increase safety and in addition to the adapted hormonal dosage , personalized nutritional modulation of estrogen metabolism is prescribed knowing a specific Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNP)of the genes involved in Estrogen metabolism.

Real Patients examples will be included to explain how individual genetic predisposition can determine the choice of the dose and complementary nutritional treatments in order to increase safety in usage of BHRT. In addition, SNPs intervention by using potential gene modulators and life style changes will be explained   in the particular patient’s case. Laboratories Reunis, Luxemburg, do all genetic tests present in this presentation.