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The Collagen Booster – Dr. Nedic

The Collagen Booster – Dr. Nedic


Health Intelligence magazine features Dr. Nedic’s article about Thermage…


The collagen booster

Find out which non-invasive procedure Gwyneth Paltrow swears by for its anti-aging effect

By Clio Stevens

Hollywood star Gwyneth Paltrow looks radiant as she smiles from the cover of the May 2013 Edition of Harper’s Bazaar. At 40, her skin is luminous, with only a hint of creasing around her eyes. In a revealing feature in the magazine, Paltrow says her enviable complexion is down to several factors. While she’s strict about eating healthily (she’s a long-time lover of organic fresh produce) and exercising regularly, she says she’s also started paying more attention to beauty products, exfoliating nightly and applying organic oils to her face. Although she’s wary of plastic surgery at this stage (she’d apparently consider going under the knife at 50, however), she admits that she’s a fan of non-invasive anti-aging procedures. In particular, a laser procedure called Thermage, which she says “took five years off [her] face”.

During a Thermage procedure, a practitioner will apply radiofrequency energy to the middle and lower layers of skin, leaving the top layer unaffected. This energy heats the deeper layers, tightening existing collagen and encouraging new collagen to form. The results (which will become increasingly noticeable over six months) are tighter skin and less visible wrinkles (an improvement of 5% to 20% can generally be expected, and the procedure works best on mildly saggy skin and fine wrinkles).

Dr Sly Nedic, an aesthetic physician with a clinic in Sandton, says Thermage involves no downtime, no anaesthesia and is associated with minor side effects (usually only slight redness that subsides within 15 minutes), so you can go straight back to your daily activities after your procedure (which should take an hour or two). In the Harper’s Bazaar feature, Paltrow mentions that she found her Thermage procedure rather painful (she compares it to the feeling of someone “smacking your face with a rubber band that has an electric shock in it”). Dr Nedic says newer Thermage devices include technology designed to deliver consistent results with minimal to no discomfort. “Vibrating sensations with a cooling effect are implemented during the procedure, assuring patient comfort and deeper, more focused energy delivery,” explains Dr Nedic. Although Thermage has FDA-clearance and a strong record of proven results, Dr Nedic warns that the procedure will only be effective and safe if performed by a Thermageaccredited medical doctor. If Thermage can get Paltrow camera-ready for her many photo shoots and red-carpet appearances, it’s likely that it can also upgrade your look for your smaller-scale, yet no less important, special events. The procedure is priced from R15,000.00