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The Fabulous Filler – Dr. Nedic

The Fabulous Filler – Dr. Nedic


Dr. Nedic reviews the new Vycross Technology filler…



Dr Sly Nedic reviews the new Vycross ™ Technology filler from Allegan Inc.

There are three chief factors that encompass a successful enhancement with fillers – these being: a good physician, a good patient – and of course, a good product. We know the importance of a doctor‘s continuous training and education in the developing medical field… but what about the patients and the products?

The South African Patient Demystified I was privileged to have two of my friends (who are both dermatologists from Italy and Dubai) visit my practice for a week to view my procedures – and they observed some interesting behavourial patterns from South African patients. Firstly, they noted the SA patient has a very conservative approach when it comes to their aesthetic procedures – and secondly, tend to be more demanding in their approach when compared to patients in their respective countries.

This is actually why I love the SA patients – they definitely know what they want!

In retrospect, I have also observed the following traits in my practice:

  1. The SA woman is very careful when she chooses a filler as it needs to deliver an exceptional and natural result. She wants people to notice that she’s looking more beautiful… however no one must know that she’s had some ‘work’ done. There must be no swelling in the treated areas – and it needs to be painless.
  2. The SA woman will only have her lips plumped up if there is no risk of swelling, bruising – or ending up with the dreaded ‘trout pout’ look.
  3. The SA woman does not like the mid-cheek sagging effect – nor a widely shaped nose. She wants a lunch time painless procedure with long lasting results.
  4. On the other hand, the SA male patient (unless metro-sexual or homosexual) does not believe in aesthetic procedures for him or his wife… that is until his best friend starts to look younger, well groomed and receives more attention during cycling classes! He is happy to include a face make over in his routine – but only if there is a good scientific explanation about the success rate – as well as the safety of the procedure.
  5. Lastly, the SA woman wants a long lasting, natural look for the disappearance of her nasolabial lines – while still being good value for her money.

Summarizing the South African patient’s demands, I soon realized that they’re all very realistic. They need a product that looks natural, is long lasting, painless, and safe. Therefore, I was happy I was able to offer them state-of-the-art fillers that possessed all these qualities: the Vycross® Technology from Allergan, Inc.

What is Vycross™ Technology Fillers?
Allergan Juvederm® has recently created a new product with Vycross™ Technology. It’s formulated with a 90% lowmolecular- weight hyaluronic acid – and also contains only10% high-molecular-weight hyaluronic acid (most fillers have 100% high molecular weight hyaluronic acid). This combination of the short and long chain HA in Vycross™ technology increases a cross-linking of the product – leading to longer duration and more viscosity. These new generation fillers have exceptional performance qualities, adding to a physician’s confidence – and satisfying the patient’s demands. The fillers boast the following advantages:

  • Easily and smoothly injected to minimize discomfort during treatment
  • Contains Lidocain anaesthetic for a virtually painless procedure
  • Easily moldable to your facial contours for the most natural facial shaping
  • Has a natural look and feel on the injection site (no bumps and lumps)
  • Predictability in achieving the desired improvement because of its cohesivity
  • Bruising and swelling is minimized, so downtime is minimal
  • Long lasting results because of a higher resistance to degradation

In addition, its high-viscosity allows for a greater lift capacity, as the gel is able to lift against the pressure of the skin.

Is It Safe?
Voluma®, Volbella® and Volift™ are all Vycross ® Technology fillers – and are fully approved by the European medical devices legislation. This means that they have passed EU standards for safety and efficiency – and therefore can be used in South Africa as well. In addition, manufacturers of Allergan Juvederm® have conducted several studies to validate safety, efficacy, duration, side effects and patient satisfaction on these products.

Voluma has also received FDA approval as the first and only filler to temporarily correct age-related volume loss in the cheek area for adults over the age of 21 years.

These fillers virtually cover all indications in facial aesthetics. Since they give such natural results, they are gaining more popularity in South African patients who were initially very skeptical to do any aesthetic procedures. This rings especially true for middle-aged men, young patients seeking beautifying procedures – and older female patients who are afraid of an unnatural look.

The Following Indications Can Be Covered With Vycross™ Family:

  • Voluma®- It’s designed to restore facial contours that have been negatively affected by long-neglected signs of ageing (such as volume loss). While other products only smooth wrinkles and creases (which are considered to be a two-dimensional concern), Voluma® provides a more complex, three-dimensional solution for volume loss – as well as a more comprehensive approach to facial rejuvenation. Cheek augmentation, facial re-contouring, chin augmentation and nose reshaping are just a few of the many indications for Voluma®.
  • Volbella® – This new dermal filler is not only specially designed to gently restore natural-looking lip volume, but also to define lip contours, treat oral commissures, smooth fine ‘barcode’ or ‘smokers lines’ around the lips – and support the ‘marionette’ lines down to the chin. The results are natural and long lasting – with no signs of a ‘trout pout’. Volbella® can also be used for peri-oral rejuvenation, especially with tear troughs.
  • Volift™ – The 3rd member of this new generation fillers family was recently launched worldwide. It’s mainly designed to treat the nasolabial lines, add additional volume to lips and rectifying the hollowness in temples.