Weight Loss & Personalised Nutrition

Every year there is a new diet in circuit, which often works for some individuals but not for others. Furthermore, obesity, insulin resistance and the inability to lose stubborn fat have reached epidemic proportions worldwide and in South Africa. Many individuals complain that they can not lose weight despite caloric and carbohydrate restrictions and dedicated exercise.

What can be a reason for this inability to lose stubborn fat?

  1. Hormonal problems: hypothyroidism, altered Cortisol level due to ongoing stress, Estrogen dominance, low Testosterone, low Growth hormone etc.
  2. Environmental toxicity functioning as endocrine disruptors in which case bodies’ detoxification capacity is decreased leading to Insulin resistance
  3. A situation in which an individual is overwhelming metabolic pathways with too much sugar – usually hidden or not perceived as too much carbohydrate.
  4. Underlying medical problems as leaky gut syndrome, Cushing disease, Depression etc.
  5. Genetic predisposition: the presence of FAT genes leading to for example Leptin resistance, genes for Insulin resistance and Diabetes type 2, genes involved in the inability to metabolise saturated fat (in which case high-fat diet will not work), genes involved in high inflammation etc.

In a very simplified way, individuals with an “apple shaped” body (stubborn tummy fat) have a high incidence of Insulin resistance, Diabetes type 2 and low testosterone. Additionally, those with a “pear shaped” body suffer from detoxification problems and Estrogen dominance. Generalised obesity is usually more prominent in individuals who have Leptin resistance and Fat genes. However, in order to categorically uncover the underlying condition, patients need medical screening, genetic testing and thorough personal Q&A about diet, nutrition and lifestyle habits.

Personalised Diet

8th Sense offers personalised nutrition for long term weight loss and reversal of Insulin resistance. The client will be informed about unique genetic make-ups that can create risks with certain environmental factors. Blood testing results, lifestyle choices and environmental influence will be considered and used to create a tailor-made solution for each individual patient.*

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*Disclaimer: Treatment results will vary on a patient to patient basis. No guarantees can be made