How Does it work? TESLA Former utilizes a Magnetic field that propagates through the clothes and skin inside the body’s...

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Thermage Face Treatment - 8TH SENSE

How Thermage works? Collagen is the main structural component of the skin. Loss of collagen results in sagging skin, increased...

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Titan - 8TH SENSE

How the Procedure works? The most common areas treated are the face and neck, resulting in firmer tighter skin as...

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Tripollar Technology - 8TH SENSE

TriLipo MED for Body Contouring Fat reduction is done via triple action: Release - A thermal effect accelerate a natural...

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Body Rejuvenation - 8TH SENSE

How does VelaShape work? VelaShape is a unique combination of infrared light and radio-frequency, it precisely targets fatty tissue and...

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Weight Loss - 8TH SENSE
Cavitation Treatment

How does Cavitation work? The Cavitation method uses ultrasound waves that produce alternating compression and decompression on fat cells, causing...

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Skin Care - 8TH SENSE

How the Procedure works? The times how we used to use fillers have changed. We use to apply fillers just...

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Clearlift Laser- 8TH SENSE
Clearlift Q-Switched Laser

What can it be used for? wrinkles and fine lines; turkey neck and necklines; sun spots, pigmentation and freckles; saggy...

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Cryo-Meso Peel - 8TH SENSE
Cryo-Meso Peel

How the Procedure works? Treatment begins with a mild glycol-peel that does not cause any downtime and any visible peeling....

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Chemical Peel - 8TH SENSE
Chemical Peel

How the Procedure works? Chemical peels are usually described according to how deep they penetrate the skin. Superficial peel –...

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Dynamic Wrinkles Treatment - 8TH SENSE
Dynamic Wrinkles Treatment

What is BonTA? BonTA is a purified protein produced by the Clostridium BonTA bacteria. It has long been a trusted...

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LED Phototherapy - 8TH SENSE
LED Phototherapy

What is LED Phototherapy? LED stands for Light Emitting Diode and is the emission of light when a current passes...

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Skin Care - 8TH SENSE
Microneedling & Dermapen

How the Procedure works? The procedure stimulates the body to produce new collagen. Simultaneously, we can administer mesotherapy growth factors,...

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Skin Care - 8TH SENSE
Intense Pulsed Light Therapy

How the Procedure works? IPL can be used in women and men that suffer from rosacea, sun-damaged skin and pigmentations,...

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Skin Care - 8TH SENSE
Fractional Skin Resurfacing

How the Procedure works? I-Pixel Laser pulses create tiny ablative zones, removing the epidermis & upper dermis (upper skin layers)...

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Lypolsis - 8TH SENSE

How does Lipolysis work? An active substance is injected directly into the subcutaneous tissue with aiming to destroy Localised fat...

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Mesotherapy - 8TH SENSE

What Mesotherapy is used for: Localised fat deposits Cellulite Skin rejuvenation Hair loss Stretch marks Mesotherapy for skin rejuvenation (Mesoglow)...

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Laser Hair Removal - 8TH SENSE
Laser Hair Removal

How does Laser Hair Removal work? It is a medical procedure that uses laser light, which passes through the skin...

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Cryotherapy - 8TH SENSE

How does Cryotherapy work? The Cryolift Facial is non-invasive and works using Cryotherapy or “freeze therapy.” When the skin is...

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PDO Threads - 8TH SENSE
PDO Threads

What is PDO Threads? PDO Threads are embedding therapy needle-based from the traditional Chinese acupuncture technique, which was developed and...

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Silhouette Soft Threads - 8TH SENSE
Silhouette Soft Threads

What is Silhouette Soft Threads? Healthy collagen is the cornerstone of a firm and tight skin that helps to keep...

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