Who We Are

We are situated in a sophisticated and soothing environment in the heart of Sandton.

At 8th Sense, we offer an advanced selection of non-surgical aesthetic and anti-aging treatments, as well as genetic testing and functional & integrative medicine.

Our aim is to address biological aging, premature aging, aesthetic face and body concerns, hormonal disturbances, etc. with a holistic approach, internally and externally, using the latest in medical advances.

This means that whether you have wrinkles and are concerned that menopause is making it worse or you have stubborn belly fat and are concerned about potentially having Insulin resistance, we will address your particular need from a holistic approach to find a personalised solution for you.

We believe that only a truly informed patient is a happy patient.

The decision to undergo any aesthetic treatment is big and potentially life-changing. Therefore, all your concerns and expectations will be thoroughly discussed so that your mind is set at ease. All our non-surgical makeover methods will be explained in depth so that you can explore all possibilities and make an educated and informed decision. If your aesthetic concerns need medical evaluation an anti-aging and integrative medicine consultation will be offered to you.

Anti-aging, integrative medicine and preventive genetic testing is a relatively new medical field that is progressively developing and is practiced by medical doctors who are trained in Functional and Integrative medicine.However, even though it is a science based medicine and it is supported by extensive research it is often accompanied by patient skepticism.

8th Sense ensures that each suggested treatment is thoroughly explained to all anti-aging patients and any supplementary literature is available on request. Patients will often need substantial life style and dietary changes and use of scientifically approved supplements.

Furthermore, the results, enabling each patient to feel healthy and young will speak instead of the scientific papers.

For all medical procedures you will be seen and treated by Dr. Sly Nedic, your Anti-aging coach, and, for cosmetic procedures, by our continuously trained skin therapists who share and carry Dr Nedic’s vision and passion for beauty and health.