Cryo-Meso Peel

A combination treatment with cryo-lift machine, mesotherapy cocktails, and 70% glycol-peel that is used for dull, fatigued and wrinkled skin.

Cryo-Meso Peel skin rejuvenation can be used as a single treatment for an instant glow or as a series of treatments (four to six) for patients seeking ongoing and long-term skin radiance, firming and toning.

How the Procedure works?

  • Treatment begins with a mild glycol-peel that does not cause any downtime and any visible peeling.
  • It is followed by no-needle mesotherapy (although mesotherapy with needles can be used if skin severely photoaged). Specialised serums are used containing a broad spectrum of vitamins, cell extracts, minerals and amino acids to actually enhance the production of our own collagen, elastin and cell renewal.
  • Cryo-lift machine is used to create paradoxal vasomotorics, decreasing skin temperature to -18C, which allows deep penetration and better skin distribution of active ingredients. For this, we use Filorga cryo-lift products from Paris.
  • This “freezing“ method also improves cell oxygenation and targets melanocytes and that is why it is used in hyperpigmentation skin problems such as melasma.
  • Finally, an anti-aging mask, which can be taken to continue home treatment, is put on and finalised with a freshly mixed vitamin C that targets free radicals.
Cryo-Meso Peel - 8TH SENSE


Addressing Raph, Dehydrated and Dull Looking Skin

Cryo-Meso Peel skin rejuvenation is an entirely painless treatment. In fact, it is very pleasant and relaxing. This procedure can be done during lunch time and you can immediately return to your regular duties.

This is one of Dr. Nedic’s favourite treatments. She uses this on her own skin monthly to retain a glowing look, and that is why she will recommend it to everyone, young and older, irrespective of skin type as a maintenance treatment.

*Disclaimer: Treatment results will vary on a patient to patient basis. No guarantees can be made.