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When we talk about Ethnic skin types we refer to a broad range of skin complexions that characterise persons with darker skin.
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When we talk about Ethnic skin types we refer to a broad range of skin complexions that characterise persons with darker skin such as people of African, Asian, and Latino descent. In medical literature, we refer to this as Fitzpatrick V-VI.

Fitzpatrick Scale – Skin Types

The Fitzpatrick Skin Typing Test measures several hereditary predispositions, reactions to sun exposure and tanning habits:

  1. Pale skin, blonde or red-haired with freckles – Always burns, never tans.
  2. Light/fair skin – Usually burns, will tan with difficulty.
  3. Sensitive skin, beige colour – It will sometimes burn mildly. It can gradually tan to a light bronze.
  4. Beige with a brown tint and dark hair (Typical Mediterranean Caucasian skin) – Rarely burns and tans with ease.
  5. Olive to dark brown skin – Very rarely burns, tans very easily.
  6. Dark to black skin – Never burns, tans very easily.

Dark Skin Physiology & Structure

Black skin has a beautiful, coffee-coloured look, that exudes a certain rich vibrancy when healthy and clear. Dark skins are physiologically and structurally different to lighter skin, which makes it more resistant against aging:

  • Ethnic skin is more protected from UV radiation and photodamage signs usually seen in lighter skin types.
  • There is a lower incidence of wrinkles in the ethnic skin.
  • Darker skin types have greater lipid that increases skin barrier properties and retains more moisture.
  • Darker skin collagen fibrils are compact and have more parallel orientation, allowing skin to maintain its youthful appearance longer than lighter skin types.

Due to these differences, black, brown and olive skins need to be treated differently to lighter skins. 8th Sense uses treatments which are safely and successfully tested to work on all skin types.

Our approach to Ethnic Skin

All 8th Sense treatments can be safely used on African & Asian skins. We specialise in treatments that are designed to provide nutritional, hormonal and lifestyle changes. The aim is to decrease the rate of aging and to make you look younger for longer.

Chemical Peels & Cryo Meso Peels

A series of Glycolic Acid chemical peels, cryo-meso peels, and scientifically proven pigment lightening serums can be safely used on all African and Asian skin types.

Thermage for Sagging Skin

FDA-approved Thermage treatment uses radio-frequency waves to penetrate 7.5mm into the dermis to re-contour sagging skin of the face, inner thighs, stomach, etc.

Titan for Sagging Skin

Titan is used for more superficial lift for the facial area and neck. Infrared light will penetrate 2.5mm into the dermis. Although it uses infrared light therapy, it can be safely used on African skin. African clients usually don’t have a severe skin sagging and this treatment is very popular especially for the neck lift.

Wrinkles & Deep Nasolabial Lines
*Disclaimer: Treatment results will vary on a patient to patient basis. No guarantees can be made.