Titan is a tailored infrared light used to address loose skin concerns on your face and body in a non-invasive way.

Popularly described as a non-surgical facelift, Titan can be used on any skin type, without any contraindication and throughout the whole year.

How the Procedure works?

The most common areas treated are the face and neck, resulting in firmer tighter skin as well as in lifted jowls, cheeks, neck and eye area. Many patients who have had Titan notice targeting skin laxity in the face and neck after the very first treatment due to immediate protein denaturation.

How can you Tighten Sagging Skin with Titan?

Titan works in two beneficial ways:

  • Sustained dermal heating with continuous epidermal cooling alters the collagen within the skin by shrinking the protein fibrils, which make up the collagen, that results in immediate tightening effect.
  • Any process that heats up collagen stimulates the infiltration of fibroblasts, which are responsible for the formation of new collagen and elastin. This process continues many months after the treatment providing long-term results.
8th Sense -Titan 1Titan


Targeting skin laxity in the face and neck

Titan technology with a bigger tip that is used for deeper and more lasting results. 8th Sense always combine Titan with other aesthetic procedure to deliver our signature “8th sense re-fresh’ look.

We offer Titan for mild to medium laxity and Thermage for more advanced skin laxity and older patients. Since we offer both procedures, after the comprehensive consultation we can decide which one is better for you.


  • On average 2-3 treatments are required 1 month apart.
  • The effects can last up to up to few years if done with new generation Titan that we use.

Any individual in their thirties or above can be a candidate for a tightening and firming especially if you notice premature skin sagging.

In principle, the younger the patient the better the result. And if you start early you will be preventing more advanced signs of aging. Majority of patents see noticeable improvement in skin laxity after the very first treatment due to immediate protein denaturation that happens when is deeper skin layer heated.

*Disclaimer: Treatment results will vary on a patient to patient basis. No guarantees can be made.