PDO Threads

One of the most distinguished features of youthful skin, in comparison to aging skin, is the absence of sagging.

Sagging or skin laxity is a sign that collagen production is diminished and gravity takes its toll to make it visible. The day when you first pull your face skin back towards your ears simulating that impeccable lift – is the day you make an appointment to visit your aesthetic doctor and ask about PDO Thread Lift.

What is PDO Threads?

PDO Threads are embedding therapy needle-based from the traditional Chinese acupuncture technique, which was developed and improvised by cosmetic surgeons. It must not be confused with classic surgical threads (done in the surgical theaters), nor with Silhouette Threading (done in aesthetic physician rooms) PDO Threads are also popularly called Meso-Threads.

The threads are made of PDO (polydioxanone) material, which is used in surgical stitches. PDO is designed to stimulate collagen synthesis under the skin in areas where inserted. When implanted into the skin the “mesh” of threads act as a “scaffold” for the skin that helps it hold against gravity. This creates lifting, contouring and a more rejuvenating effect. These threads are fully absorbable, and they will be reabsorbed in 4-6 months, leaving the effect for 16 – 26 months.

Who is a good candidate for PDO Threads?

Ideally, a patient should seek the lifting procedure before their condition becomes too advanced. So, used in mild to moderate skin laxity has astonishing results.

  1. Face & neck: Significant results are achieved in the face area for Jowls, nasolabial lines, glabella lines, eyebrows lift, cheek lines, and for mild to moderate neck sagging.
  2. Body: Good results are achieved in the inner thighs, under-arms, sagging tummy area (without underlying fat), mild breast laxity, vulvar sagging, sagging skin after liposuction, etc.
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How is the Procedure Done?

PDO threads are done in the doctor’s room immediately after the initial consultation

The procedure takes approximately 30 - 60 mins. A local anesthetic is commonly used to ensure minimal discomfort making the procedure virtually painless.

Up to 30 threads can be inserted in one area depending on the laxity of the skin. After the procedure, some swelling and bruising can occur, but usually, the patient can resume their daily activities without any downtime.

For best results, the procedure must be performed by an accredited, experienced doctor and in a clinic dedicated to aesthetic procedures.

*Disclaimer: Treatment results will vary on a patient to patient basis. No guarantees can be made.