Detox Retreat

Extensive scientific data now reveals that more and more people are suffering from environmental and lifestyle diseases which we are unable to control with conventional, “one-size-fits-all” medical approaches. The increasing list of conditions can be dizzying. Just some of these include chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia, insulin resistance, Type 2 diabetes, obesity, depression, neurological disorders, sleep problems and certain cancers.

Personalized Detoxification with individually tailored programmes

Why go for a Media Detox Retreat?

We are all born with a personal DNA makeup that gives us a unique response to environmental factors such as diet, stress, environmental toxicity, and electromagnetic radiation. Our DNA has not changed, but we have seen a serious increase over the last 20 years in lifestyle-related diseases. Why is that? The significant role of our toxic environment cannot be ignored. In fact, our lifestyles have changed so much from the ages past that it has become urgent for us to address these environmental factors in order to keep disease at bay.

As an expert physician in the field of preventative DNA analysis, 8th Sense’s Dr Sly Nedic decided to create a unique detox program – a Medical Detox Retreat. Dr Nedic has been using what she calls “3P Medicine” (Personalization, Precision, Participation) for more than 10 years. In this way, she has been able to confirm with certainty that some individuals indeed have a more “fragile” detoxification capacity than others.

The question is, are you one of them?

Some of the key symptoms of imbalance include fatigue, insomnia, weight problems, insulin resistance, muscle and joints pain and autoimmune disease. Many of us attempting to combat these symptoms have literally tried everything from various diets and juicing detoxes to consuming an entire aisle of supplements from the health store. We turn to self-medicating, and yet these methods often give us only a short-term boost with no sustainability. They don’t give us the results we desire. Although some of these methods have scientific approval, the main reason we don’t succeed is a lack of personalized advice.

This is why 8th Sense’s Medical Detox uses the principle of Personalized Detoxification to create individually tailored programmes to target any personal underlying health issues.

How is 8th Sense's Medical Detox Unique?

The aim is to enable you to discover your exclusive health profile. This involves discovering your specific detoxification weaknesses as well as environmental and lifestyle influences which may contribute to an imbalance in your health.

  • By using specific medical screenings (DNA tests, heavy metals, vitamin depletion, inflammation markers, hormonal screening, etc.) we will have a comprehensive overview of your predispositions for diseases and detoxification weaknesses. If you already have a medical problem, these tests will prove it.
  • The Detox Retreat itself is done in a soothing and calm environment, usually close to nature and away from the stress of everyday life. Stepping outside of the rhythm of our daily lives is a powerful way to gain clarity and reconnect with ourselves and our deepest needs. In this way we help you to focus on reviving, learning and building the tools for your unique health code!
  • Each participant will have personalized medical consultations. This includes Dr Nedic spending a dedicated amount of time throughout a Medical Detox Retreat to help every participant with their own personal health issues, understanding their test results as well as the lifestyle changes that need to be made in order to improve their health and build their personalised health program.
  • During the Retreat, we utilize the full range of the latest science-based Medical Detoxification principles: meal plans, supplements tailored to each individual, silent walks, guided relaxation, medical facials, Wi-Fi detoxification, de-stressor tools, sleeping hygiene tools etc.
  • Each participant will leave the Retreat with a profound knowledge of their optimal meal plan, what to remove from their environment, and how to upgrade and restore their health in the case of imbalance or disease that can be used for life.