Face Shaping / Beautification

“It’s important to deliver a look that seems as natural as though it was created by nature itself” – Dr Nedic
Facial Aesthetics - 8TH SENSE
What Makes A Face Beautiful?

Even though there are many theories and many opinions about what makes one person more attractive than another, one point remains true: there is definitely such a thing as a physical beauty, which the human eye truly appreciates. As challenging as this may seem, we aesthetic practitioners have a responsibility to deliver a face that is aesthetically attractive.

Around the globe, people consider the following features attractive in a female face:

  • oval face shape/highly arched eyebrows/.
  • almond-shaped eyes/wide cheekbones/.
  • fuller lips /long thin nose/small nostrils/.

According to research, the preferred masculine traits in men are:

  • prominent and broad cheekbones/ relatively longer lower face/.
  • well-developed brows/chiseled jawlines/.

These features correlate with perceptions such as developmental stability, hereditary factors, and a strong possibility of success. Many of these facial features can be modified with aesthetic procedures, such as dermal fillers and neuromodulators.

Sculpting The Face With An "Artistic Eye"

Identifying Your Divine Qualities

Facial beauty is also based on what is known as divine, or golden proportions. This theory has been studied and used by artists like Leonardo Da Vinci as well as mathematicians since the Renaissance. A human brain is” pre-wired” to perceive this mathematical beauty, and it takes less than three seconds for the brain to determine a degree of beauty. 8th Sense is determined to achieve this kind of beauty.

We evaluate each patient using golden proportions, even if the initial request was not related to beautification. This evaluation can point out to our clients how to achieve the best version of themselves while keeping a natural look.

Stage Your Aesthetic Treatments

We sometimes find that sculpturing a face to achieve an attractive, natural, look, that is also proportionate, may best be done in stages. This is especially true for individuals who have not previously undergone aesthetic treatment.

Face shaping and beautification can be done in both younger and older patient, and either male or female patients.

Our Approach to Face Shaping

Nefertiti Lift

Used to re-create your jaw line and lift necks, simulating the beautifully sculptured jawline look of Egyptian’s queen Nefertiti. For this procedure, we use the neuromodulator process. However, a well-defined jawline (without an area of sagging skin) is desirable trait in both females and males, so we use a specific filler for sculpting it.

Cheek augmentation

Recommended as a supportive treatment to achieve better facial proportions, for mild facial sagging to simulate the lift as a part of a “liquid facelift “as well as to treat shadows and hollowness in the check area.

Nose shaping (non–surgical rhinoplasty)

An innovative procedure for individuals who want to correct minor nose imperfections without surgery. It is usually performed for humps and bumps, to “slim” down wide noses and to lift the tip of the nose using fillers.

Chin augmentation

recommended for people who have less volume in the chin area, which usually affects facial proportions and diminishes the face’s attractiveness. The procedure used to be done just through surgical implants, but now it is offered as 20-minute non-surgical augmentation through the application of filers.


One’s facial profile is very important to one’s appearance and attractiveness. Using the latest technology, we model a face that shows various angles that can be adjusted to create a more ideal profile. The treatment is done with fillers and typically involves simultaneous nose, chin and lip augmentation.

Slimming of the lower face

A reshaping procedure that uses neuromodulator to relax the masseter muscle creating a slimmer look of the face. This procedure can also be used to correct looks for when people grind their teeth (Bruxism).


No. We apply golden proportions to ensure that your facial elements are all in proportion with each other. This is considered a standard for universal beauty. We will keep all your features and natural looks; creating the best version of yourself.

Any person, young or aging, male or female, who wants mild to moderate nose imperfections improved qualifies, provided they have not previously had surgery on their nose.

This is only done in individuals with enlarged masticatory muscles that cause widening of the lower face. These individuals usually simultaneously clench their teeth. We use neuromodulator for this purpose. However, we can also strategically place fillers with a high lifting capacity, to visually slim the face.

*Disclaimer: Treatment results will vary on a patient to patient basis. No guarantees can be made.