Lip Augmentation

Luscious full and crease free lips have been associated with youth, beauty and health across all cultures.
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New Trends In Lip Augmentation
  • Although aesthetic trends have changed over the years, one key point in lips augmentation will always stay with us: full lips need to blend in with the patient’s facial features, so you keep your natural look!
  • In addition, your lip shape and proportions need to be customised to match your facial features, to remain in harmony with the rest of your face.
  • Every person is unique, so you deserve a personalised plan for your specific needs in lip augmentation.
Two Types of Lip Augmentation Are Provided:
  1. Creation of sensual and fuller lips for younger individuals (enhancement).
  2. Restoration of aged lips for older individuals (rejuvenation).

Our Approach to Lip Augmentation

8th Sense Lip Enhancement Approach

At 8th Sense, we don’t paint every face with the same brush! Our treatment procedures are as unique as our patients, while respecting the golden ratio principle. The golden ratio ensure that your lips are mathematically balanced, so they are in proportion with the rest of your facial features, as well as being beautiful. Using the incorrect ratio and an exaggerated lip proportion when compared with the rest of your facial features can lead to “duck lips”, which is why choosing highly skilled professional who understand these proportions is an essential first step in achieving beautiful lips. We use specific lip fillers that give a voluptuous, yet smooth, appearance.

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8th Sense Lip Rejuvenation Approach

8th Sense follows a holistic approach in lip rejuvenation by understanding the causes that lead to lip aging.

Lips start to naturally reduce in size from the age of 28. However, smoking, high sugar intake, low estrogen, environmental toxicity with excessive xenoestrogens, and photoaging are all contributing factors to aging lips.

Lip Augmentation Procedures

Depending on the complexity of your lip aging condition, any combination of the following treatments may be administered to rejuvenate lips:


BonTA – A well-known neuromodulator is used to decrease lines caused by repeated movements of the perioral, or lip, muscle. Your face will still appear natural as you go about your everyday life, continuing to use your lips to talk, or whistle, for example.

Thermage or Titan

If the lips are wrinkled and droopy, we recommend a few sessions of these procedures before applying fillers, which aim to enhance collagen production.

Fractional laser resurfacing or sublative laser

We usually use this treatment for patients with deep smoker’s lines. It can be safely used on any skin type.


Fillers are a hyaluronic acid product for volume replacement and filling out lines and wrinkles as well as perioral area and marionette lines.


Mesotherapy “cocktails” contain essential substances to increase hydration, rejuvenation as well as new collagen production.

Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy

The latest scientific research has revealed the important role estrogen plays in maintaining youthful looking lips. We will prescribe skin bio- identical hormones that ‘stay’ locally in your skin (intradermally) and work on a specific receptor.


Thanks to our years to expertise, understanding of facial proportions, and knowledge of the latest research, we will never allow the notorious and often feared “duck lips”. Before any augmentation, we will discuss your potential appearance and explain how your lips will fit in proportionately with the rest of your face until you are happy. You are welcome to bring a picture from your youth, or any picture of lips that you desire, so we can gain a better understanding of your target.

Skin around the mouth contains beta estrogen receptors that are very important to stop the process of aging due to free radical formation. Understandably, for these receptors to work we need estrogen. These free radicals, which affect collagen, elastin, and fibroblasts, are induced by internal aging factors such as hormone depletion and external aging factors such as sun damage. If the individual has no natural estrogen (menopause) or uses artificial estrogen (like non -bioidentical HRT and birth control pills), these receptors will be empty. Subsequently, free radicals can freely attack our collagen, resulting on the appearance of “smoker’s lines”!

8th SENSE addresses all your concerns holistically and always advise what can be done internally to support your external youthful appearance. Therefore, we recommend:

  • A good moisturiser around the lip area.
  • Sun block for the lips.
  • Stopping smoking.
  • Limiting your exposure to environmental toxins such as parabens, and phthalates.
  • Stop AGEs (the metabolites responsible for aging) by decreasing sugar intake.
  • Stop contraception pills that interfere with your estrogen receptor activity that is necessary for youthfulness in the lip area .
*Disclaimer: Treatment results will vary on a patient to patient basis. No guarantees can be made.