Give your face some cold therapy with this impressive anti-aging facial treatment straight out of France.

We can delay the onset of aging on our skin with the science of Cryotherapy. CryoLift Facial employs a new cryo-probe to rapidly chill the skin surface.

How does Cryotherapy work?

The Cryolift Facial is non-invasive and works using Cryotherapy or “freeze therapy.” When the skin is rapidly cooled it causes a constriction of the microcirculation vessels that is quickly followed by vasodilatation due to increased release of transmitter substances.

This series of vasoconstrictions followed by vasodilatations is known as paradoxical vaso-motricity. It works to stimulate the microcirculation, promoting better oxygenation of dermal cells. Paradoxical vaso-motricity enhances the penetration and distribution of unique products containing more than 50 vitamins, minerals, and amino acids to energize the skin and protect against free radicals. Collagen production is greatly enhanced.

Which conditions can cryotherapy treat?

Following protocol with NCTF Filorga combination of vitamins, it can be used for all skin types to diminish wrinkles and pigmentation in the following areas:

  • The décolleté
  • Hands
  • Around the eyes
  • Neck

Cryolift facial can be performed alone or in conjunction with Mesoglow therapy for best results.

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*Disclaimer: Treatment results will vary on a patient to patient basis. No guarantees can be made.