DNA Analysis

We are all born with specific hereditary predispositions, which never change. However, certain environmental factors & diet can influence these expressions in some individuals negatively or positively.
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We are all born with specific hereditary predispositions, which never change. However, certain environmental factors and diet can influence these hereditary expressions in some individuals negatively or positively. We call that epigenetic effect. For example, siblings can eat the same food, and one can become diabetic or overweight when the other may not depending on these expressions under the influence of the environment.

There is a significant variation in the presence of low penetrance DNA mutations (SNPs) in humans. These mutations in some individuals cause degenerative diseases, detoxification problems, premature aging, obesity, cancer, diabetes, etc. under the influence of environmental toxicity, nutritional and lifestyle factors.

By testing your DNA, we know what to change in your environment and diet to prevent you from developing certain diseases, whether they are age-related or not. We call it personalised prevention. In practical terms: some hereditary expression can be changed by using lifestyle intervention to prevent a disease from manifesting.

8th Sense's exclusive DNA analysis

Knowledge about your DNA mutations

Dr. Sly Nedic is an anti-aging diplomat (board certified by WOSAAM) and a member of the advisory board for DNA Analysis at Laboratory Reunis Luxembourg.

She provides counseling after your DNA analysis and personalised lifestyle changes in a scheduled consultation both locally or overseas, with a possibility of a Skype consultation.

What she is focusing on is to teach you how to apply the knowledge about your inherited “make -up” into everyday life to prevent diseases and aging.

The dangers of DNA "self-supplementation"

Simply identifying SNPs and reading about which supplement to take with which mutation is unhelpful, superficial, and can be dangerous. Lifestyle interventions, according to inherited “make- up” that Dr. Nedic will prescribe will be based on comprehensive methodology and explanations such as:

  • Analysing only SNPs that are clinically relevant and researched
  • Understanding how these DNA mutations work together by using metabolic maps that will be explained to you
  • Analysing and testing for any bodily dysfunctions to establish what these mutations already damaged
  • Pointing out which co-factors and vitamins are essential for these DNA mutations to work
  • Explaining which environmental toxins will block or slow down some of these mutations
  • Analysing how your DNA mutations are affected by lifestyle, diet and the environment that is applicable to your particular case

Genetic tests available in our clinic:

If there is a family history or you think you are prone to any of the diseases or cancers that are listed below, please contact us on 011 884 6418 or email 8th Sense for further assistance.

  • WEIGHT gene and risk assessment for OBESITY
  • INSULIN resistance and DIABETES TYPE 2
  • Sporadic BREAST cancer and ESTROGEN metabolism
  • COLON cancer
  • Risk assessment for PROSTATE cancer
  • Risk assessment for HEART ATTACK
  • Risk assessment for female HORMONE replacement therapy
  • Risk assessment for OSTEOPOROSIS
  • ANDROGENIC ALOPECIA (male hair loss)
  • SKIN health and DENTAL health (periodontitis)
  • NICOTINE addiction
  • WELL-BEING test (testing 90 SNP's including neurotransmitters, inflammations mediators, stress, coagulation, anabolism & catabolism.)
  • CROHN’S disease


There are two types of DNA analysis – Predictive and Preventive.

Predictive DNA Testing

  • Used to detect genetic mutations associated with disorders that appear after birth, often later in life
  • Identifies mutations that could increase the risk of developing disorders based on genetic makeup, such as certain types of cancer

Preventive DNA Testing

  • Used to identify certain gene mutations (single nucleotide polymorphism or SNPs) which are expressed in an unfavourable lifestyle environment
  • SNP intervention is used to modify gene expression with lifestyle changes, proper nutrition and targeted supplementation of vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, adaptogens, etc
  • Modern genomics is based on personalised prevention. Although usually used to stop the development of age-related degenerative diseases, prevention is recommended for people of any age, and it is never too early to start

Some SNPs may predispose us to obesity, type 2 diabetes, cancer, premature aging, heart problems. But these SNPs are not our destiny, and predisposition does not mean that we will develop some of these diseases. Ninety percent of our health is controlled by the environment that regularly interacts with our DNA– the food, exercise, our resilience to stress, exposure to environmental toxins, and our psychological reactions.

In other words, a familial history of harmful diseases and the presence of these SNPs will not necessarily make us sick. We need to know them and apply interventions to modify their expressions trough personalised prevention. And that is what the 8th Sense offer.

*Disclaimer: Treatment results will vary on a patient to patient basis. No guarantees can be made.